Roger's Tips: Want a good job?

Roger Eichelberger
Special to The Newton Kansan

I realize that many people did not have a good-paying job even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is much worse in terms of layoffs and other unemployment in the middle of winter.

In the next several weeks, let’s explore some suggestions for finding a good-paying hourly job. 

Team Employment at 524 N. Main St. in Newton makes it their business to find jobs for people that come in looking for work. I have invited Team Employment to share what it can do for you in getting a job.

Team Employment has positions open now. Call or stop by the Newton office and speak to one of its placement specialists about a position that's right for you.

Team Employment is a full-service employment agency offering temporary employees and temporary to permanent employees, as well as direct placement for professional, administrative, managerial, technical, manufacturing, sales, clerical, skilled and manual labor positions. 

If that is not an opportunity to find a good job, I don’t know how a person could do any better.

Let’s go over a few fundamental tips as preparation before going in for the appointment with Team Employment. Keep a perspective, for most jobs you are going to fill out an application for an employer who is wanting to hire someone to help them make a better profit. I’ll simply give a few ideas for you to consider:

1. Look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you “look the job” that you are applying for?

2. Are you ready to start immediately, freed up, and don’t have other commitments?     

3. Do you have a phone number so someone can reach you at any time?

4. What about your transportation to and from a job? Is it reliable?

5. Do you have a resume?

You can get a free book at the Faith and Life Bookstore that gives information about preparing a resume. It also addresses things like making applications and interviewing. This book is a must for those who want to succeed. It gives suggestions to other questions an employer may be looking for in a new hire.

In next Tuesday’s article, we will continue with suggestions to find ways for good employment.

— From the book "JOB and LIFE OPPORTUNITIE$: MOVING UP" by Roger Eichelberger of Hesston, which can be purchased at Faith & Life Bookstore.