Roger's Tips: Happy New Year

Roger Eichelberger
Special to The Newton Kansan

How are you handling the COVID-19 pandemic? Like many, we too are challenged with having changed our lifestyle this last year. What will 2021 look like? One thing for sure, we are not alone! We have a God that knows all things and loves us.

Is God wanting more attention? Have all of us been giving him first priority morning, noon and night as he desires of us? What are our responsibilities to our God, the loved ones we live with, our neighbors, our community friends and those near and far?

We are in luck! God made us in his image as we can read in Genesis 1:27 so we can communicate with Him. Much like this in last week’s article, John C. Murray quoted, “God extends grace to us whether or not we seek after it, the question is, will we accept it?” God gave us a soul that is primed to receive his Holy Spirit's leading for giving us directions and peace in our lives. We can read chapter after chapter in the books of the Bible where God communicated with people who had their hearts and lives prepared to listen for his soft, quiet, heavenly voice. He tells us through the help of inspired writers in the Bible about ways and means to live a more complete life of joy and happiness. As one reads the Bible, writers inspired by God, give us hope, wisdom and understanding for everyone to carry on a more prosperous way of living out our personal and business lives with him!

In this new year, we are planning to continue giving tips and suggestions that may lead to more opportunities for you that give us richer experiences in our jobs and lives. Looking ahead, read "Roger's Tips" in the business section of The Newton Kansan each week on Tuesday. The articles this new year will begin with tips about finding a good job and doing well in it.   

I wish all a happy new year filled with God’s blessings for each one of you in 2021!

— Roger Eichelberger of Hesston is author of the book "JOB and LIFE OPPORTUNITIE$: MOVING UP," which can be purchased at Faith & Life Bookstore.