Roger Eichelberger: Be proactive and ready

Roger Eichelberger

Start finding temporary solutions to problems on the job and in life before encountering them! This can be a motivator in itself, because now confidence kicks in as you have temporary fixes to meet the challenges that come your way. Don’t wait to become proactive. If you wait to find solutions only when problems occur, you may put yourself under stress or hardship if too many problems surface at the same time.

Live your life with energy and anticipation for exciting things ahead. Step back from time to time to reflect and assess how you’re using your energy. You might be saying; “I already do that” — that is great! If you’re not stepping back to assess matters regularly, you may want to ask yourself on a regular basis, “How can I do it better?” Find people who can help you. Seek out those who want to build you up and give them plenty of genuine praise.

As I’m encouraging you to take charge of your life by doing your planning in advance, commit those plans to God in prayer, asking for His guidance on a daily basis. Isn’t it great to know we have a God who will hear us—if we ask? And quoting from Matthew 7:7 in the New Testament of the New American Standard Bible, Jesus says, “Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you.”

As I understand Matthew 7:7, isn’t it assuring that we can connect with our maker and our God. Go ahead and talk with him. He can see us and hear us whenever and wherever we are as we are made in his image. God expects us to ask in expectation as we seek his power. Be ready for him to pour out his blessings upon you in his own time frame because he knows what is best for us. That is faith at work. Now remember to thank him over and over, especially in this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

— From the book “JOB and LIFE OPPORTUNITIE$: MOVING UP” by Roger Eichelberger of Hesston, which can be purchased at Faith & Life Bookstore.