The Newton High School wrestling program has had a number of family dynasties in its history, some going back more than two generations.

The latest, which has produced four state titles and counting between three wrestlers, is the Treaster brothers of Logan, Grant and Nick.

Logan, a junior at the U.S. Naval Academy, won a title in 2015 and claimed top-four finishes his other three years. Grant, a senior, won two titles, finished second as a senior and third as a freshman. Grant is headed to Navy this summer, where he also will wrestle. The youngest, Nick, won his first state title last weekend as a freshman and finished 37-1.

At the Class 5A state tournament last weekend, Nick won a 3-0 decision, while Grant lost a 1-0 decision.

"I’m real proud of the boys," dad Matt said. "They wrestled pretty tough. They both work so hard. You want them to win every match. It isn’t always going to work out that way. Nick pulled out a tight win. Grant had such a good, tough battle. They have wrestled close every match. It’s going to come down to the wire."

Father Matt Treaster was a three-year letterwinner at Navy and placed fifth in the 1987 NCAA Championships at 126 pounds. He also earned multiple academic honors for the Midshipman.

Logan is currently 20-8 for Navy this season, 44-18 in his career. He is preparing for the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Championships this weekend in Bethlehem, Pa. Top finishers advance to the NCAA Championships from March 19-21 in Minneapolis.

"Logan’s doing pretty good," Matt said. "He’s ranked about 25th in the country. They have their qualifiers for nationals next weekend. Hopefully, he can punch his ticket. They take 32 guys in each weight class. He’s having a good season. He’s met some tough wrestlers."

Matt said each of his kids showed a different personality on the mat and each one had a different developmental path.

"Logan, you could tell by the time he was in the second or third grade, he was a real intense wrestler and very focused," Matt said. "You could tell he would have success down the road. Grant was quite the opposite. He was pretty lackadaisical as a kid. He didn’t have the success his older brother had. When he was in about third, fourth or fifth grade, he didn’t place at the kids’ state tournament at all. You didn’t know. Once he got to about the seventh grade, you saw some athleticism develop. He turned out to be pretty solid.

"Nick, from the time he was three, he had the ‘it’ — the speed, the strength, the balance. He showed he had the whole package. I always say it’s because he got to be around his older brothers so much, he was exposed to it. Each of them came about it in different ways and different styles."

In addition to working with his sons, Matt Treaster was the longtime director and coach for the Newton Wrestling Club, where he’s had a chance to work with nearly every Railer wrestler for the past few years.

"I’m so proud of our kids," Matt Treaster said. "Sawyer Mock (who finished fifth at state) was another kid who didn’t have a lot of success when he was young. He puts in a lot of time and a lot of hard work. A.B. (Stokes, a freshman who finished fourth at state), I haven’t work with him much since he just moved in, but he and Nick — having each other as (workout) partners — just push each other so hard. They made each other much better."

Matt said he stepped back from day-to-day operations of the club this year, but said it’s still very healthy.

"With this group of seventh and eighth graders, when they get together with the current freshmen and sophomores, you’ll see a pretty solid high school team," Matt said.

The club will be heading into district and state tournament in the upcoming weeks.