Marion County Inv.


Marion CC

Par 72

Team scores — Cheney 347, Burlington 347, Sterling 354, Hillsboro 371, Halstead 376, Olpe 388, Buhler 435, Marion 447, Wichita Home School no team score.

Individuals — 1. Drew Sloyer Bur. 41-36—77, 2. Jace Watkins Bur. 37-41—78, 3. Trey Akler Che. 46-40—86, 3. Zach Schissler Ster. 43-43—86, 3. Conner Lies Che. 43-43—86, 3. Connor Stephenson Che. 42-44—86, 7. Baylor Bohling Hal. 43-44—87, 8. Lucas Weigel Ster. 46-42—88, 9. James McNutt Ster. 47-42—89, 9. Riley Amsink Che. 43-46—89, 11. Riley Maurath Hal. 48-43—91, 11. Trenton Matney Buh. 45-46—91, 11. Caroline Roth Hil. 45-46—91, 11. Wyatt Schulz Ol. 45-46—91, 11. Dallas Lackey Ster. 41-50—91, 16. Colin Settle Hil. 43-49—92, 17. Luke Riffel WHS 51-42—93, 17. Carson Herbel Hil. 49-44—93, 17. Lucas Briar Ster. 47-46—93, 20. Mason Cooper Buh. 47-47—94, 21. Elliot Ollenburger Hil. 50-45—95, 22. Caleb Haselhuhn Bur. 51-45—96, 22. Dylan Freund Che. 49-47—96, 22. Luke Turner Che. 46-50—96, 22. Isaac Mautz Bur. 45-51—96, 26. Jordan Black Bur. 51-46—97, 27. Joel Miller Ol. 53-46—99, 27. Austin Milton Hal. 50-49—99, 27. Andrew Haselhuhn Bur. 46-53—99, 27. Tristin Carswell Hal. 46-53—99, 27. Garrett Pimple Ol. 46-53—99, 27. Drayden Butterfield Ol. 45-54—99, 33. Joe Knoll Hil. 49-51—100, 33. Elias Werth Hil. 47-53—100, 35. Devin Soyez MPB 56-50—106, 35. Cecil York Buh. 51-55—106, 37. Brian Weber Hal. 55-52—107, 37. Peter Settle Ster. 53-54—107, 39. Luke Ikerd ­ Ol. 51-58—109, 40. Ryan Cochran MPB 55-55—110, 41. Grant Leffler MPB 61-51—112, 41. Vinton Robuck Hal. 59-53—112, 41. Kaden Redeker Ol. 57-55—112, 44. Austin Phillips Buh. 61-56—117, 45. Colton MacArthur Buh. 65-53—118, 46. Pablo Verdugo ­ MPB 63-56—119, 47. Chase Swanson Buh. 59-61—120, 48. Tyler Hofmeier Buh. 61-61—122, 49. Sidney Sullivan WHS 60-65—125, 50. Max Caldwell MPB 57-70—127, 51. Rocco Weerts MPB 74-61—135, 52. Selah Plinsky WHS 70-76—146.

Hillsboro Municipal GC

Par 70

Team scores — Cheney 327, Burlington 334, Sterling 347, Olpe 353, Hillsboro 363, Halstead 365, Buhler 383, Marion—Peabody-Burns 458. Wichita Home School no team score.

Individuals — 1. Drew Sloyer Bur. 38-39—77, 2. Connor Stephenson Che. 40-39—79, 3. Conner Lies Che. 41-39—80, 3. Luke Turner Che. 39-41—80, 3. Jace Watkins Bur. 38-42—80, 6. Zach Schissler Ster. 40-41—81, 7. Drayden Butterfield Ol. 41-42—83, 8. Luke Riffel WHS 44-41—85, 9. Elliot Ollenburger Hil. 44-42—86, 9. Garrett Pimple Ol. 43-43—86, 11. Isaac Mautz Bur. 41-46—87, 12. Lucas Weigel Ster. 46-42—88, 12. Lucas Briar Ster. 45-43—88, 12. Vinton Robuck Hal. 44-44—88, 12. Riley Amsink Che. 42-46—88, 16. Trey Akler Che. 45-44—89, 16. Caroline Roth Hil. 43-46—89, 18. Trenton Matney Buh. 47-43—90, 18. Dallas Lackey Ster. 45-45—90, 18. Wyatt Schulz Ol. 45-45—90, 18. Riley Maurath Hal. 43-47—90, 18. James McNutt Ster. 43-47—90, 18. Jordan Black Bur. 42-48—90, 24. Tristin Carswell Hal. 46-46—92, 25. Carson Herbel Hil. 49-45—94, 25. Elias Werth Hil. 49-45—94, 25. Kaden Redeker Ol. 45-49—94, 25. Colin Settle Hil. 44-50—94, 29. Dylan Freund Che. 48-47—95, 29. Baylor Bohling Hal. 46-49—95, 31. Cecil York Buh. 55-41—96, 31. Peter Settle Ster. 47-49—96, 31. Mason Cooper Buh. 45-51—96, 34. Joel Miller Ol. 49-49—98, 35. Austin Phillips Buh. 48-53—101, 36. Austin Milton Hal. 53-49—102, 37. Joe Knoll Hil. 44-59—103, 38. Luke Ikerd ­ Ol. 50-54—104, 39. Ryan Cochran MPB 60-47—107, 40. Brian Weber Hal. 57-52—109, 41. Jarred Lutz Bur. 53-57—110, 42. Colton MacArthur Buh. 57-56—113, 43. Chase Swanson Buh. 62-54—116, 43. Pablo Verdugo ­ MPB 59-57—116, 43. Sidney Sullivan WHS 58-58—116, 46. Max Caldwell ­ MPB 61-56—117, 47. Devin Soyez MPB 52-66—118, 48. Isaac Kuhlmann Bur. 60-62—122, 49. Tyler Hofmeier Buh. 59-66—125, 50. Grant Leffler MPB 69-59—128, 51. Rocco Weerts MPB 62-77—139, 52. Selah Plinsky WHS 73-69—142.


Bowling reports are due at the Kansan office by noon Fridays. We reserve the right to abbreviate team names due to space limitations. We regret we can't take bowling reports by telephone.


Final standings

Gutters R Us;91;41

Who Cares;88.5;43.5


Pink Ladies;70;62

Wolf Pack;61.5;70.5

High Single Game — Gayle Wolfe, Gutters R Us, 209; High Single Series — Gayle Wolfe, Gutters R Us, 507; High Team Game — Who Cares, 801; High Team Series — Who Cares, 2,244.

Railer soccer

team claims win

ANDOVER — The Newton High School girls’ soccer team claimed its third straight clean sheet and its ninth straight win in a row, stopping Andover 5-0 Friday night in non-league play at the Andover District Stadium.

Newton improves to 13-1 overall, while Andover falls to 7-4-2, losing its third straight.

Newton has outscored its opponents 18-0 in the last three games.

Brookelynn Entz scored two goals with two assists.

Izzy Saenz scored Newton’s first goal with an assist from Entz. Entz scored the second goal. Keila Gillispie put Newton up 3-0 at the half with a goal with an assist from Saenz.

In the second half, Aylin Torres scored on a header from an Entz corner kick. Entz finished off the scoring.

Newton plays at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Maize. Maize is 10-3-0, 5-0 in AV-CTL I play. The Eagles have won five straight going into Friday’s game against Bishop Carroll. Newton needs one win in its final two games to clinch home field advantage through the playoffs.

JUNIOR VARSITY — The Newton junior varsity fell to Andover 2-0. Newton plays at 5 p.m. Tuesday at Maize.

Hesston softball

splits with Hillsboro

HESSTON — The Hesston High School softball team split a Central Kansas League twinbill against Hillsboro Friday in Hesston.

The Swathers won the first game 10-8 and lost the second game 19-6 in five innings on the 10-run rule.

In the first game, Hesston trailed 3-2 after two innings, but took the lead with six runs in the fourth. Hillsboro came back with four runs in the fifth and a run in the sixth to tie the game. Hesston scored two runs in the bottom of the sixth for the win.

Emily Shirley had four hits and three RBIs for Hesston. Jada Mininger drove in two runs.

Callie Arnold and Samantha Moss each had two hits for Hillsboro. Kylee Martin drove in two runs.

Kayla Ewert went the distance for Hesston with a strikeout. Taylor Helmer took the loss for Hillsboro, striking out three.

In the second game, Hesston led 4-3 after two innings. Each team was scoreless in the third, but Hillsboro scored 14 runs in the fourth inning, adding two more in the fifth. Hesston scored two runs in the bottom of the fourth.

Cheyenne Bernhardt had four hits for Hillsboro. Sarah Jost and Trinity Marler had three hits each. Moss drove in three runs. Jost and Kylee each had two RBIs.

Helmer pitched the win for Hillsboro.

Hesston is 7-11 and enters regional play the week of May 15.

First game



Helmer (L) and n/a; Ewert (W) and n/a.

Second game


Hesston;220;( 2)0;—6;15;1

Helmer (W) and n/a; Evancho, Ewert (L) 4 and n/a.

Moundridge swept

by Cheney

CHENEY — The Moundridge High School baseball team dropped a pair of games Friday at Cheney in non-league play.

Moundridge lost the first game 7-1 and the second game 6-5.

In the first game, Cheney scored two runs in the first inning, adding two more in the fourth, two in the fifth and a run in the sixth. Moundridge scored in the top of the sixth.

Jacob Howell went two for four hitting for Cheney with three RBIs. Trent Scheer drove in two runs. Chayan Fox went two for four with an RBI.

Dylan Sugars went two for three hitting for Moundridge. Chris Leddy drove in a run.

Dawson Winter pitched the win, striking out six. Kauy Kuhn struck out three. Leddy took the loss for Moundridge.

“We had some untimely errors that cost us a few runs early and we never recovered,” Moundridge coach Lynn Eichelberger said “Cheney is raked in the top five in Class 3A for a reason and they made us pay for our mistakes.”

Moundridge led 5-2 after five innings of the second game, but gave up four runs in the bottom of the sixth.

Kuhn went three for four hitting for Cheney. Landon Gegen drove in three runs. Sughars went two for two hitting with an RBI. Peyton Fast also drove in a run.

Micah Grove pitched for the win in relief of Hunter Adolph. Noah Eichelberger took the loss in relief of Caleb Frye.

“I thought Caleb Frye pitched four good innings but I had to take him out to save him for Monday's game,” Lynn Eichelberger said. “Noah came in and threw strikes but Cheney did a good job of finding some holes and hitting the ball hard to retake the lead. We had base runners all night long but could not get the big hit when we needed one.”

Moundridge is 10-6 and hosts Sedgwick at 4 p.m. Monday.

First game



Leddy (L), Knight 4, Kohl 5 and n/a; Winter (W), Kuhn 4 and n/a.

Second game



Frye, Eichelberger (L) and n/a; Adolf, Grove (W) 5 and n/a.