Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas Supreme Court sides with Gov. Laura Kelly in fight over church crowds

Bobi Subelka: So it begins!

Leon Clark: They did the Reich thing.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed: Who is stopping you from worshiping? Seriously. Are they going to arrest you? Your faith must be very weak if you can only worship in church. Is Easter the only day of the year you attend church? Get out your Bible and start reading it. Jesus would never have put his flock in danger like you seem to want.

Janice Tegtmeyer: You know what we do not need a building to pray or give thanks I can do that right here in my front room. And I'm pretty sure the lord will hear my prayers. And I am positive he would want us safe. Of course he has know political aspiration.

Josh DeVader: All u people happy to shut churches down should also quit walking into a grocery store. Hypocrites.

Mary Von Arb: Some people think it is their Constitutional right to spread a deadly and maiming virus - as long as they are in Church when they are doing it. Really?! Your actions will facilitate deadly illness and you think it is your right?! What about the victims of you flaunting the law? Where are the victims' protections to not get sick and end up dead? Your innocent victims have rights too!

Garden City Telegram

DaVita Dialysis staff draw words of encouragement to patients with chalk on exterior walls

Yolanda Morales: These ladies are super awesome and go the extra mile for the patients. True angels. It can be very depressing at times. They offer a little ray of sunshine in our grey days. Thank you Davita staff for all you do!!!!!!!

Hutchinson News

Reno County's projected peak in coronavirus cases is now anywhere from May 2 to May 13

Jonni Labs: I’m so over this! When do stop hiding out and protect our economy? Its gonna catch up to all of us! We are just prolonging it and ruining our economy in the process!

Brandon Hart: yeah! Screw those old people and others with compromised immunity systems! Who cares if they live or die as long as we have MONEY!

MJ Drush: Hutch has lost 2 restaurants and a book store, what else will be lost? Was it worth it?

Tonya Hoskinson Fake news!! How do you they know when it will peak! They have been saying this for weeks!!

Topeka Capital-Journal

Manhattan woman shatters ‘model minority myth’ after commissioner’s racist remarks

Yoani Garcia: Fanny is a beautiful human being and an amazing business woman, that cares about her community. This is a free Country and if she felt offended for Commissioner Rodriguez words, well... it’s her right to speak about it!! I'm a one of many happy customers from her store!! Politicians need to be a little more careful when they talk about serious topics.

Sandy Jenkins: What the Hell?? What kind of fool did those people elect?

Jorge Rocha: Shades of the past coming back to hunt the Americans ?? Remember the Japanese American interment camps in the early beginnings of WWII ?? Ignorance leads to fear which in turn leads to racist injustice. "Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it" !!!