We need to call this pandemic virus as “CCP virus.” The name “CCP virus” refers to the CCP’s coverup and mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak that allowed it to spread to the whole China and around the world; the CCP turned its propaganda machine in full gear to portray itself as the world’s savior, and blames the U.S. military for bringing the virus to Wuhan.

The CCP has threatened to halt shipments of critical pharmaceuticals to the U.S. in this pandemic crisis. The name of “CCP virus” reflects the real nature of the CCP: “evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, fighting, elimination, and control….”*

The best way to hold CCP accountable for causing this worldwide pandemic is to name the virus after its enabler.

The name "CCP virus," unlike "Chinese virus," also clearly separates the victims from the victimizer, as Chinese people are victims of the CCP's censorship and brutality as well. The name "CCP virus" also sounds a warning: those nations and individuals close to the CCP are often the ones suffering the most from this virus.

It is time to practice social — and economic — distancing from the CCP, and CCP virus.

* http://www.ninecommentaries.com/english

Linda Wang, Overland Park