Heee's back! Not Jack Nicholson but someone who sees spooks everywhere. Suddenly, after the president named the new pandemic the Chinese Flu, here comes Kris Kobach wanting to build a wall to keep out Chinese who are sneaking into America.

If Trump had called this the Danish or Swedish Fl2-3, would Kobach be in a rage over blonde, blue-eyed Norse sneaking into America as part of the "Hispanic Hoard" who will tip elections the "wrong" way. How many illegal voters did he find when he was looking in Kansas? Two or three as I recall, and most were mistake due to people who moved and were not sure where they should vote. I do not remember ONE actually coming to trial.

He was on the president's committee, which did nothing and was disbanded without doing anything. This clown will jump at any group and try to make them the threat to America while local voting officials do a fantastic job keeping our elections secure and fair.

On top of this he wants to be our senator, as if we need another clown in Congress.

JM Leas, Hays