GOP playing games in Kansas primary

This effort to pass an anti-abortion amendment for the Kansas Constitution is nothing but a political stunt. The GOP has no other motivation than to juice up voter turnout for the U. S. Senate race. It's not saving babies that the GOP wants to accomplish. It's a political cheap shot.

The KRP did the exact same thing for Sam Brownback in his first run for governor. The put a gun rights question on the ballot in 2010. That stunt guaranteed a huge voter turnout and swept Brownback into the governor's office.

They're doing it again. Don't be fooled into believing that saving babies from abortion is the goal. It's not. They're using this to win in another race. So, saving babies is just the message that gets people to the polls.

As it has always been and always will be, anti-abortion is only a means to an end. It is not an altruistic goal in itself for Republicans.

Reggie Marselus, Lenexa