Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Hutchinson News Facebook: State sues trailer park owner for violating drinking water regulations

Harry Belote: I get that, the park has needed to be wiped out for a while now. It's sad that some people own properties and expect them to bring in money without upkeep and maintenance.

Chris Honn: Good the people in that trailer park deserve better.

John Ro: A bunch of scum lords out there willing to take your money and offer crap in return


Newton Kansan Facebook: County nixes mandatory recycling

Heather Carroll Mueller: well, i will keep recycling as best i can...

Juan Rodriguez: Will my city bill go down ??

Khyber Inskeep-Gibson: hahahahahahahHaha no dude. In fact they probably charge you twice

Darryl Klaassen: The price of government programs never goes away. There's always an excuse to keep ripping off the citizens.


Hays Daily News Facebook: Big Boy pulls out of station in snow

Marty Roberts: Such a gorgeous, glorious engine!

Terry Jevne: That Big Boy should be right at home in the snow. Great photos.

Alishia Rosenberg Wondra: How cool. Pictures are simply beautiful. They almost don’t even look real.

Paula Bradley: Thank you so much for this video, for those of us that couldn't get out in the weather! It's wonderful to see it!


Salina Journal Facebook: New fish find home at Central Mall's aquarium

Jessica Frederick Rhudolph: I want to see turtles in it again. Turtles were my favorite to watch.

Ron Musfelt: Good to see that it was fixed and now can be enjoyed by everyone. Also no tax dollars were used to do it. Imagine that.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Receiver to control premises of private coroner Parcells

Richard Johnson: This is what happens when you go cheap.

Sheila Flory: Yep. I still hold the Shawnee County Commission of 2011 completely responsible for the lack of coroner services in this area. Drs Mitchell and Pojman and their staff are missed


Special prosecutor charges Kansas Sen. Vic MIller with DUI

Sarah Massengale Klamm: He should plead guilty and save the state a bunch of money on this!

Scott Williams: time to step down!

Bob Spagnuolo: Throw the book at him.

John Henderson: Why does he get special treatment?


VA Secretary Wilkie, Sen. Moran target veteran suicide, access to care

Ginger Davidson: Our reps keep saying that yet the problem continues.

Pam Wilson: Always sounds good while campaigning. But they never follow through

Aaron Goetz: How bout a better transition from service to civilian life????

Frank D. Taff: Anything to take our mind off the fact that Jerry and Pat are going to vote to acquit The Donald at impeachment time.

Thom Rem: Kansas is full of empty promises from its party candidates and members. If I see someone on the ballot that’s been there hogging a seat, I vote for the other.