This Thanksgiving, take a moment to set aside the harshness and negativity of daily life.

Keep the snide comments about Trump or Pelosi, Kobach or Kelly, boomers or millennials, to yourself. That goes double for that team you hate. Don’t bring up these topics and should someone else attempt to simply think like a football coach, consider them fourth and long and punt.

Wherever you gather this Thursday, make a choice to say no to put-downs and exchanging barbs. We do enough of that during the rest of the year, and to be frank, no one wants to hear it. Triggering friends and family won’t change their opinions. If anything, it might confirm their biases and make them dig in their heels.

Instead, this Thanksgiving focus on the positive. Take a moment to evaluate, appreciate and celebrate the things in life that make you happy. Be sure to talk about those things, too.

We’re coming up on the end of 2019, without a doubt, life has changed since Jan. 1. Genuinely communicate about what has happened to you. If the year hasn’t been kind, perhaps share your hopes for 2020.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be is a celebration of gratitude. This celebration doesn’t have to be about anything extraordinary, but it should be meaningful. Perhaps you’re thankful for a show you’re binge-watching, a good cup of coffee, a new recipe you’re excited to try or the opportunity to make new memories with loved ones — new and old — which the holiday season provides.

Whatever floats your boat, just be sure to acknowledge your blessings.

You might be surprised who appreciates that exact same thing, thinks the same way or maybe wants to know more. There’s a special joy that comes from sharing. It can’t be bought or manufactured, and that’s what makes this “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Let the great dinner table debate this year come from a place of warmth and focus on non-consequential things like which side dish is truly the best or the necessity of cranberry sauce. We suspect conversation might be a bit heartier and more enjoyable if you use this strategy.

The holiday season is full of opportunities to show one another how much we appreciate them. Please take full advantage of that. Show gratitude, say thank you, laugh, eat, drink, be merry and, most importantly, be kind to one another.

Because without friends and family, what’s the point in being thankful?