It's time for Kansas leaders to speak out

I encourage Sen. Moran, Sen. Roberts, and Rep. Davids to challenge the Trump administration’s recent efforts to end asylum for Central American migrants and allow them the same rights as any asylum-seeking person. Though some may be pursuing economic motivations, many are fleeing the dangers that their nations are facing, and their governments are unable or unwilling to protect them. This is a requirement for those seeking asylum.

The MS-13 gang that the president says is a threat to this country is one of many gangs that these people are fleeing. Our members of Congress must ask themselves, if their family was faced with running away from everything they know, or staying to be killed by a gang simply for refusing to join, in a land where police are nowhere to protect them, how far would they go?

On top of that, forcing asylum seekers to stay in Mexico, a nation currently in a drug war, which has death rates comparable to many declared war zones, and whose own police agencies have been openly infiltrated by criminal gangs and have massacred people by the hundreds.

This is no way to protect the vulnerable and defenseless.

I am calling upon Sen. Moran, Sen. Roberts, and Rep. Davids for their humanity and dedication to protect those who come to us in search of shelter in the face of death. They have an opportunity to save hundreds if not thousands of men women and children. They must act how they want to be remembered.

Ian Sneid, Leawood