True offense are attacks from the left

I would find the TCJ editorial board’s accusations of Trump's tweets as racist amusing if it wasn’t just another baseless and dangerous attack against our president orchestrated by the left.

The four women of color, as they call themselves, have been raised and educated to use the race card anytime someone disagrees with them or questions their intentions. Meanwhile, I have heard them call our president every name in the book including (expletive), racist, traitor and multiple other demeaning terms.

So now our editorial board and most other media entities are falling in line with the “four women of color” and accusing Trump of racism. How pathetic. Just remember that accusations of racism can be used against anyone in this political climate, that has been super-charged by the Trump derangement syndrome and the resistance movement on the left.

Many have refused to recognize Trump as president and refer to him as the occupant of the White House. A good example of this attitude can be summed up quickly by the ridiculous article written by Terry Larsen, where she supposedly was reaching out to the other side and proceeded to go into a rant against Trump and his supporters.

I was disgusted with Obama's policies when he was president, but I realized he was our president. If I hadn't, I would have been accused of being a racist. Maybe that is what the left is now.

Bill Barnes, Topeka