LEGOS. Love them! Hate them! I have a love/hate relationship with LEGOS. Even now.

One of my kids was a LEGO maniac. He absolutely loved them. Even as an adult he, secretly, has an affection for them. I have proof of his love for LEGOS – 30-gallon container filled to the brim with them.

I love them because they are a teaching tool. They teach patience and following directions. When one is patient and has followed the directions the end product is usually something really cool.

As for hating them, I’m convinced they are a product of the devil. You see, not only did my LEGO maniac love them he didn’t always pick them up. The floor of his room was covered with them.

Early in the morning when one needs to enter said room, forgetting about the LEGO booby trap, they are the most painful things to step on, like curse word-inducing pain.

Why wasn’t I wearing slippers to enter this danger area? Because I hadn’t had any coffee yet and I needed to get in there to rouse the maniac for school. You would think I would learn my lesson. Um, no.

Why was the floor of his room covered in them? Sometimes it’s not worth the yelling to clean them up. Or threats of throwing them away. That would mean I would have to go in there and pick them up. Once a week he would clean them up but within a day or so, the floor would be covered again.

A boy, two friends and LEGOS equal some interesting creations and possibly a battle of LEGOS. You know, where they throw them at one another.

As for that 30-gallon container, it’s hidden in the back part of my basement. It’s staying there for a while. I haven’t shown the grandson where it is. I’m afraid. He, too, is a LEGO maniac.

I think it’s really cool they now have LEGO sets aiming to pique girls’ interest in them thanks to the girlier colors. I’m thankful my granddaughter is not interested in them.

Our LEGO maniac and I learned a few things, thanks to LEGOS. They hurt when stepped on. They hurt when thrown at you. He learned that thanks to LEGO wars with friends. Hours of creative thought come in a box of LEGOS. Learning how to follow instructions and when followed, you end up with something really cool.

LEGOS, love them, hate them, they are a part of life with some children.

April Pedersen is the mother of three children and grandmother of two. She lives in Lansing.