We asked our Facebook friends and readers for letters about their mothers for Mother’s Day. Here’s what they had to say about their mothers and grandmothers.

Best mom imagined

My mother, Shannon Kingsley, is the best mom that I could ever imagine. She is a smart, hard-working, creative and funny individual who I love more than anything. I'm the luckiest daughter in the world to have learned from her how to parent so perfectly with the balance of friendship, guidance and discipline. I could talk forever about my appreciation for her and all she's done for my brothers and I. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I appreciate and love you more than you'll ever know.

— Kit Kingsley, Newton

Mom is awesome

My mom is awesome because she likes to do True Girl with me, the Crazy Hair Party was really, really fun and Chizzy was the funniest. It was cool to see me and my mom’s Crazy video in the True Girl video online.

I think she is very smart and fun. She always likes to be funny. I like it when she prays with me at bedtime. She is really awesome and a great mom. She is the best mom ever.

She is the best mom I could ever imagine.

— Elizabeth Frey, Newton.

Thanks, Mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you! From teaching me how to cook, sew, clean, to attending all my sporting and music events – I always wondered how you did it all. Now as a mother myself I not only see the importance, but also appreciate being able to do all of these things. You always supported me, no matter what new activity I wanted to try next and allowed me to explore the world with the safety net of family always around me. You supported me when I decided to venture out of our church school circle and come to Kansas, you supported me when I decided to stay and work in Kansas over the summer, and you supported me when I decided to stay here permanently. When the grandchildren came you were here to listen when I was struggling, to take them when I needed a break, help when day care was needed, and to help raise them in a Christian environment. Now as they get older, you continue to support them as they grow into young adults. Your investment into your relationship with them is apparent when they say, “I really need to go see Grandma,” or when they start telling stories about learning to drink coffee at grandmas, playing games, and “Mom, it’s good, but not as good as Grandma’s!”

Thank you for always being there, for all you have taught me, and for the time and energy you have put into all of your children and grandchildren.

— Kenna Graber, Newton

A selfless grandmother

I love Grandma because she gives the best hugs. She is also very kind-hearted and selfless. I enjoy her company, and she's the best Uno player I know. I also adore her cooking.

Grandma’s cookies

My granma is the best because of her cookies and cinnamon rolls she gives us.

— Cruz Dorado, Newton

He likes stuff

I like mama because she makes me cookies and buys me ostrich stuff. She also makes supper and stuff. She also helps me with stuff I donīt know and stuff!

— Santi Dorado, Newton