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Lynette Redington, director of the Harvey County Health Department, updated the Harvey County Commission on COIVID-19 — including an explanation of the classification of the first death in Harvey County.

The patient was listed as a “probable”case. That means she met the clinical description — exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 — and tested positive from a blood sample. The blood sample test is, however, inconclusive. The test will confirm that the patient has suffered from a coronavirus; however, not exactly which virus from the coronavirus family.

“The way our information will be presented is we have four (presumed positive) and one probable,” said Anthony Swartzendruber. “... If KDHE changes the reporting on their website, then we will change.”

KDHE is also assigning the probable tag to cases where patients exhibit symptoms and are diagnosed by a doctor, and the patient has been exposed to a known COIVID-19 case.

There were, according to the KDHE, five confirmed cases in the county as of Tuesday.

She also told the commission of another possible case — bringing the total to six, though only four of those confirmed as a “presumptive positive” by KDHE. KDHE had reported a total of four on Monday afternoon.

“Just know that we probably have more cases than are reported, but these are laboratory tests,” Redington said.

The turnaround time on tests sent to KDHE for results is within 72 hours, though, according to Reddington, most KDHE results are back within 48 hours. However, tests sent to private labs can take longer. Redington did not comment as to how much longer.