The staff in the Newton city utility building office has kept working with customers, even as city hall has been closed and bills have not been mailed.

Bills have been accessible online at

However, according to a report by interim city manager Kelly McElroy, utility billing will resume April 20. Staff will be working on the annual sewer averaging calculations this week.

The stats

Statewide numbers as of Monday

Total cases found statewide: 1,376

Total hospitalizations statewide: 309

Total deaths statewide: 62

Negative tests: 12,488

Harvey County

Cases diagnosed: 4

Hospitalizations: 1

Reno County

Cases diagnosed: 12

Hospitalizations: 4

Sedgwick County

Cases diagnosed: 200

Hospitalizations: 33

Butler County

Cases diagnosed: 9

Hospitalizations: 3

Marion County

Cases diagnosed: 4

Hospitalizations: 2

McPherson County

Cases diagnosed: 13

Hospitalizations: 2