Mail voting essential

I urge Rep. Estes, Sen. Moran and Sen. Roberts to look into the worst case scenario contingency plan for mail-in ballots.

Risking everyone's health in both parties will only weaken the voters.

All it takes is one person to have it and leave it on a booth, pen, and everyone who touches it gets it. This practice would massively wipe out active voters in red and blue states.

If we are a true democracy, it is our right to have all votes by mailing.

— Rodger Nugent, Newton

On Easter, fly your American flag

We as a nation, state and communities in America cannot attend our home churches this year to celebrate Easter, a Christian holiday, due to COVID-19. As a symbol of your beliefs across our nation, state and communities please fly your American flag to represent your beliefs in your faith and our freedom of religion.

While most families do not have a Christian flag in their home, a white flag with a blue square and a red cross centered in the blue square, they do have an American flag that is also red, white and blue. The red in the Christian flag represents the blood of Christ. The American flag (according to the 1782 U.S. Congress) represents hardiness and courage through the loss of blood by the revolutionary soldiers. The white on the Christian flag represents holiness and belief in God. The white on the American flag represents the innocence of people wanting freedom of religion and speech. The blue on the Christian flag represents royalty or the Kingdom of the Lord. The blue on the American flag represents the heavens with 13 stars to represent the formation of a new constellation (or country). The heavens are part of God’s Kingdom.

Because our Christian forefathers believed in freedom of religion when our nation was created, we invite all religions that have come to America so they too can enjoy religious freedom to join Christians on April 12. Jewish, Buddhists, Muslims and all faiths that enjoy the freedom to practice their religion based on the Constitution’s First Amendment, which states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

This Easter please fly your American flag to show your Christian religious beliefs and/or respect for our American forefathers who guaranteed our religious freedoms.

— Chip and Terri Westfall, Newton

April is child abuse prevention month

The COVID-19 health crisis has negatively impacted many Kansans, and in turn has threatened the potential for creating great childhoods. Measures taken to decrease the spread of the virus have the unintended consequences of social isolation, loss of income and increased parenting stress, which are risk factors for child abuse and neglect to occur. Just as we work to protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19 symptoms, we must also take steps to support families and keep children safe.

We at Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL), as the Kansas chapter for Prevent Child Abuse America, encourage you to take action. Since April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, it’s the perfect time to learn how you can help make great childhoods happen. Engage with parents in your community and offer support, bring awareness to resources like the free Parent Helpline 1-800-CHILDREN, or advocate for Family-Friendly Workplaces with policies like access to quality childcare, flexible work schedules, parenting supports and paid parental leave. Remember, we’re all in this together. Learn more at

— Vicky Roper, director, Prevent Child Abuse Kansas