Boot Hill Distillery wins gold medal

DODGE CITY — Before it switched to making hand sanitizer to fight the COVID-19 virus, Boot Hill Distillery made liquor as originally intended, and its work paid off.

American Craft Spirits Association announced recently that Boot Hill Distillery’s vodka was the gold medal winner and Best in Class vodka at the 2020 American Craft Spirits Awards.

The awards were broadcast digitally and added to the growing accolades the distillery has gathered in its short time in operation.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to receive this recognition of our work, especially at a time like this,” said Hayes Kelman, CEO of Boot Hill Distillery. “This further validates our efforts to provide a new standard of quality in distilled spirits and we hope it enables more people to discover and enjoy this beverage at home.”

Serologic testing could detect more cases

OTTAWA — More COVID-19 testing may be coming to Franklin County, officials said.

Midge Ransom, Franklin County Health Department director, on Wednesday said the COVID-19 testing is stringent, which has made it harder to determine the exact spread in the county.

“We have continued to do testing and work with partners to assure we can do as much testing as possible on our residents,” Ransom said. “The testing criteria is strict. It requires hospitalization or direct contact that is proven to be COVID.”

Alan Radcliffe, Franklin County Emergency Management director, said the virus is more widespread than the positive cases found so far.

“We are not able to do the testing that needs to be done,” he said. ’We are trying very hard to get more tests in.”

Ransom ordered serologic tests, which are blood tests that can detect the presence of antibodies against a microorganism.

“You are testing for antigens so you could tell whether people have been exposed and gotten over it or currently active with the disease,” Ransom said.