Something did not sit right with an email that got circulated and sent to law enforcement, city managers and management of Bluestem Communities.

“It has false information in it. It said we have a positive test for coronavirus and that we were not providing (protective gear),” said Morgan Redding, director of communications for Bluestem Communities.

At the time the email was sent, there were no confirmed cases in the facilities — nor in the counties those facilities are in.

Bluestem maintains Kidron Bethel Village in North Newton, Schowalter Villa in Hesston and Bluestem PACE in McPherson.

“Both assertions were totally false,” Redding said.

There were no links to click on, or actions requested to be taken in the email. Redding said the motivation of the sender was unclear.

One of the city managers in cities served by Bluestem contacted the CEO as they sniffed out the scam.

“They were suspicious of this,” Redding said.

Redding said that Bluestem is updating its own website with COVID-19 information, and monitoring KDHE reports as well. She also told The Kansan why the company is letting people know of the suspicious email.

“This was from a random person. ... Other facilities out there, this could happen to them too,” Redding said. “We want to prevent that.”