Newton, along with other cities, wants to remind residents just what should — and should not — get flushed down the toilet.

The city of Newton issued a written statement: Only waste and toilet paper should be flushed.

Other items, such as sanitary wipes, should be thrown away with household garbage. Even products labeled as flushable should be disposed of with garbage.

The last time the city issued this kind of warning was 2014, when the city was dealing with sewer backups. Items like wipes and Q-tips were found in the system. When they’re flushed, these items can clump together to block sewers lines. When blocked, sewers can flood homes and yards.

According to the city, flushing wipes and other items can block sewer lines and cause problems for multiple households.

The statement mirrors statements made by other cities in the wake of apparent toilet paper scarcity in town because of shoppers emptying store shelves of toilet paper because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cities hope to prevent damage to sewer systems done by those who flush things other than toilet paper.

In 2014 the city listed specific items that should not be flushed — including paper towels, Kleenex, wet wipes, disinfecting wipes, dental floss, Q-Tips, cotton balls, diapers of any kind, pills and cigarette butts.