WICHITA — The Flip-Flop Shop Gymnastics team of Newton competes at the Mardi Gras Invitational Feb. 23 at the Wichita South YMCA Garvey Sports Center.

The team is coached by by Keely Boston, Mikayla Hiebert, Trisha Fast and Penny Hiebert.

The meet was sponsored by the AAU and is open to gymnasts ages 5 to 19 and competition is grouped by age and ability level.

The team will compete Friday through Sunday at the Salina YMCA meet at Kansas Wesleyan University.

Results of the Mardi Gras Invitational are listed below (score-place):


Avery Entz;2;9 B;8.8-8;6.7-9;8.4-8;9.05-6;32.95-9

Coe’lina Mosqueda;Gold;11 A;9.1-3;8.55-8;9.65-1;9.25-5;36.5-2

Elisa Fernandez;Gold;14-15;9.15-1;8.5-2;7.8-2;8.7-2;34.15-2

Janessa Sutton;Gold;14-15;7.7-3;7.6-3;7.4-3;8.5-3;31.2-2

Brooklyn Treaster;3;11;9.6-4;9.5-5;8.25-11;9.05-9;36.4-9

Abrielle Crist;3;9 B;9.5-4;9.35-4;8.85-5;8.7-8;36.35-4

Kylie Fager;3;10 B;9.2-7;8.7-7;8.2-7;9.15-6;32.25-6

Bella Rivera;3;10 A;9.65-1;8.55-8;8.95-4;9.05-5;36.2-6

Brooklyn Fast;4;9-10;8.5-9;8.45-4;8.7-7;8.85-8;34.5-9

Abby Steinert;4;11-13;8.6-6;8.6-4;9.550-1;9.1-4;35.8-3

Ella Gibson;4;9-10;9.9-4;8.1-7;9.5-1;9.0-4;35.6-5

Ashley Lehman;7;12-13;9.45-2;9.5-2;9.1-3;9.5-4;37.45-2