The Newton High School bowling teams took on defending Class 6A champions Campus, dropping a pair of dual meets Tuesday afternoon at Play-Mor Lanes.

The girls fell 2,171-1,681, while the boys fell 2,354-2,218.

Piper Reams of Campus had the top series for the girls at 633, followed by teammates Dakota Lennen at 529 and Rebecca Herd at 485.

Reams had the top two high games of 247 and 202. Lennen had the third-high game of 187.

Newton was led by McKayla Garton with a 522 series, followed by Myriah Nicholson at 442, Erina Fujitate at 400, Laura Nervi at 360, Hailey Gratton at 358 and Anna St. Peter at 314. Garton had the high game for Newton at 168.

Campus’ Nathan Kleinscrodt had the boys’ high series of 632, followed by V-Thoon Thanasouk of Campus at 597 and Newton’s Joey Gile at 572.

Gile had the high game of 256, followed by Thanasouk at 234 and Kleinscrodt at 224.

Patrick Vasquez rolled a 523 for Newton, followed by Cooper Burns at 518, Dehann Nelson at 511, Carsen Ebert at 499 and Jett Brackeen at 482.

“They did well,” Newton coach Joanie Pauls said. “It was one of the girls’ better scores this year. I’m pretty sure it’s the boys’ best score of the year. We were leading after the first two (team games). We’re working on consistency, trying not to have a game where three or four boys lose momentum. That’s what happened today. Campus’ best game was the third game and it ended up being our worst. Our averages are going up. Joey took a perfect game into the ninth frame, and that was pretty exciting.

“We have a tough league this year. (Campus) was both state champions last year.”

Newton competes at 3 p.m. Friday at West Acres Bowl in Wichita against Maize and Hutchinson.

Varsity Girls


Reams, Piper;202;247;184;—633

Herd, Rebecca;172;157;156;—485

Adkins, Ella;141;156;182;—479

Kling, Kenzie;167;158;152;—477

Lennen, Dakota;156;187;186;—529

Walker, Madison;106;123;173;—402



Garton, McKayla;168;166;126;—460

Fujitate, Erina;156;116;128;—400

Nicholson, Myriah;156;152;134;—442

Nervi, Laura;109;127;124;—360

Grattan, Hailey;128;111;119;—358

St Peter, Anna;97;94;123;—314


Varsity Boys


Hausler, Michael;140;202;180;—522

Flinn, Alex;156;163;199;—518

Denning, Ethan M;174;203;185;—562

Thanasouk, V-Thoon;189;174;234;—597

Day, William;159;177;170;—506

Kleindscrodt, Nathan;217;191;224;—632



Gile, Joey;136;256;180;—572

Vasquez, Patrick;180;187;156;—523

Nelson, Dehann;213;168;130;—511

Burns, Cooper;168;178;172;—518

Brackeen, Jett;184;151;147;—482

Ebert, Carsen;180;155;164;—499


JV Girls

Newton 1,413, Campus 1,351


Brockman, Emma;105;104;92;—301

Tilden, Ebony;95;80;73;—248

Altum, Cadence;107;119;131;—357

Lyall, Cori;150;108;113;—371

Petita, Maria;112;151;118;—381

Green, Karly;63;101;95;—259


JV Boys

Campus 2,029, Newton 1,679


Lettau, Gage;117;140;182;—439

Montano, Alfie;179;120;126;—425

Mick, Christopher;113;120;149;—382

Baldwin, Callan;167;126;134;—427

Downey, Aaron;119;108;80;—307

Sanseda, Terrence;95;79;61;—235

x-Nino Valle;120;133;117;—370

x-Bryant Childs;103;84;125;—312


x-non-scoring entries.

Salina South quad

Jan. 16

Varsity girls

Campus 2,290, Salina South 2,195, Newton 1,882


Garton, McKayla;135;121;164;—420

Fujitate, Erina;118;142;118;—378

Nicholson, Myriah;118;77;109;—304

Brockman, Emma;85;85;125;—295

Grattan, Hailey;94;113;113;—320

Lyall, Cori;93;112;122;—327


Varsity boys

Salina South 2,461, Campus 2,446, Newton 2,198, Salina Sacred Heart-Smoky Valley 1,376.


Gile, Joey;223;202;202;—627

Vasquez, Patrick;147;177;210;—534

Burns, Kobe;174;222;181;—577

Nelson, Dehann;120;137;171;—428

Baldwin, Callan;125;136;118;—379

Mick, Christopher;152;137;117;—406


JV girls

Campus 1,44, Salina South 1,350, Newton 1,279


Nervi, Laura;115;114;105;—334

St Peter, Anna;80;119;135;—334

Tilden, Ebony;83;109;96;—288

Petita, Maria;100;99;110;—309

Green, Karly;94;82;65;—241


JV boys

Campus 2,447, Salina South 1,936, Newton 1,723


Burns, Cooper;147;200;167;—514

Lettau, Gage;157;145;118;—420

Ebert, Carsen;151;117;131;—399

Montano, Alfie;152;96;136;—384

Downey, Aaron;149;100;110;—359

Valle, Nino;102;86;73;—261


Salina Central quad

Varsity girls

Salina South 1,744, Newton 1,602, Solomon 971


Garton, McKayla;129;119;133;—381

Fujitate, Erina;112;136;165;—413

St Peter, Anna;90;128;106;—324

Brockman, Emma;132;154;129;—415

Nicholson, Myriah;139;123;122;—384

Altum, Cadence;101;93;80;—274


Varsity boys

Salina Central 2,593, Newton 2,048, Sacred Heart-Smoky Valley 1,283, Solomon 1,247


Gile, Joey;186;157;183;—526

Burns, Kobe;194;191;173;—558

Vasquez, Patrick;131;141;125;—397

Burns, Cooper;197;138;139;—474

Nelson, Dehann;157;181;143;—481

Mick, Christopher;124;147;128;—399


JV girls

Salina Central 1,744, Newton 1,602


Petita, Maria;79;84;118;—281

Lyall, Cori;110;112;71;—293

Grattan, Hailey;112;100;110;—322

Nervi, Laura;131;107;97;—335

Tilden, Ebony;121;128;82;—331

Green, Karly;92;94;83;—269


JV boys

Salina Central 2,102, Newton 1,716


Lettau, Gage;152;127;135;—414

Ebert, Carsen;144;137;175;—456

Baldwin, Callan;123;135;108;—366

Montano, Alfie;131;171;136;—438

Downey, Aaron;165;112;89;—366

Sanseda, Terrence;79;69;93;—241