There’s a new business opening up, with an open house this weekend, in the 100 block of W. Broadway — backed by some familiar faces to the Newton business community.

The Athletic Training Center, a project spearheaded by Al Vogts of Vogts Construction, will host an open house from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

Josh May will manage the facility when it opens — a former college athlete who played professionally overseas.

“We think there is a need for space, especially for baseball and softball, an indoor space that is a more controlled environment," May said. "We have a place for a team to come work on things like agility."

Athletic Training Center was created to provide “a pristine training facility where athletes, coaches, and aspiring fitness enthusiasts can achieve their desired goals of mental and physical health for themselves and their team.”

In addition to weights, step equipment, bicycles and fitness equipment, the building contains a training center with a turf floor and batting cages along with an area for group meetings and workshops.

“There is no place around that you can go as a team and do all the things that will be in here, and focus on both things that are mental — which is a huge part of athletics — and their game in one spot with their coaches,” Vogt said.

Individuals can work out as well, with a monthly membership.

“The Y is a great place to go to be able to do any kind of sport or swim,” Vogt said. “They offer things we do not. The rec offers things we don’t. This is more for training for sports specific — how you think, both parents and their kids.”

The turf room hosts some unique equipment — Stroops bands and equipment, and an electronic batting cage that offers a unique opportunity.

“It tracks the ball going in and coming out,” Vogt said.

And users can be placed in a national database, based on age, to see how they rank. They can also simulate batting in major league ballparks like Fenway Park in Boston.

The facility will be available 24/7 to members.