Freya Study Club members met Dec. 13, at St John’s Catholic Church commons for our annual Christmas luncheon. Members arrived in festive Christmas attire and were welcomed by hostesses Barbara Dankert, Elaine Murphy and Bobbie Jaax.

The decorations were lovely with lanterns wrapped with greenery, positioned on white table cloths with red napkins. The club was served delicious chicken options, asparagus, salad and potatoes and wonderful pies.

President Janice Jones began the business meeting with the flag salute and Club Collect. Treasurer Report and November minutes were approved. Anna Vestring shared a note of appreciation from her family for the fruit bowl received following the death of her mother in law. Deb Wheeler reported that checks were delivered for the Turkey Drive and to the Salvation Army for Christmas. Robin reported that a sympathy card was mailed to the family of former member Joyce DeForrest. Freya members welcomed new member, Bernie Spradling.

The theme for the year “Freya and Fashion” led to sharing photos and stories of Personal Fashion Blunders. Not mentioning any names, but there were several pics of bouffant hair styles, but the stories shared by members were my personal favorites! Everyone enjoyed much laughter and good cheer.

Members attending: Michele Banks, Dana Brooks, Barbara Dankert, Robyn Dick, Fata Hand, Jo Hess, Bobbie Jaax, Sheila Johnson, Janice Jones, Cherrie Kehler, Elaine Murphy, Paula Pepperd, Marlene Rethman, Janice Shaffer, LaDonna Snook, Bernie Spradling, Kelsey Sundgren, Marsha Todd, Anna Vestring, Deb Wheeler and Jann Ziegler.

— Cherrie Kehler, Secretary