Railers third

at Douglass

DOUGLASS — The Newton High School boys’ wrestling team placed third out of 12 teams Saturday at he 67th Douglass Goodwill Invitational.

Derby won the team title at 180 points, followed by Pratt at 152.5, Newton at 148, Spring Hill at 129 and Augusta at 108.

Newton sent just eight wrestlers, but claimed three individual titles and three runners-up.

Winning titles for Newton were Nick Treaster at 106 pounds, Grant Treaster at 120 pounds and Sawyer Mock at 138 pounds.

Nick Treaster topped top-ranked (KWCA, Class 6A) Cody Woods of Derby 7-0 in the finals. Grant Treaster pinned Drew Lugafet of Buhler in 30 seconds in the finals. Mock edged Xavier Sisco of Derby 3-2 in the finals.

Taking second for Newton were A.B. Stokes at 113 pounds, Colin Bybee at 126 pounds and Rio Gomez at heavyweight.

Stokes lost by injury default to top-ranked (KWCA, Class 4A) Devon Weber of Pratt. Bybee was pinned in the finals by sixth-ranked (KWCA, Class 4A, 120) Kaiser Pelland of Pratt in 1:19. Gomez was pinned by Caylen Lowery of Wichita Heights in 4:12.

Avery Dutcher took fourth at 132 pounds.

Spencer Steinmetz finished 1-2 at 145 pounds.

Newton competes at 6 p.m. Thursday at Salina South, followed by the Kansas City Stampede at the Hy-Vee Arena Friday and Saturday in Kansas City, Mo.

67th Douglass

Goodwill Inv.

Team scores — Derby 180, Pratt 152.5, Newton 148, Spring Hill 129, Augusta 108, Wichita South 106, Buhler 86, Douglass 81, Wichita Heights 70.5, Goddard Eisenhower 52, Wichita Southeast 48.5, Andover Central 23, Team X (extra entries) 0.

Newton results

106 — 1. Nick Treaster (3-0): 1. Bye; QF. W Elias Powell WH :52; SF. W Aaron Mills WS :42; F. W Cody Woods Der. 7-0.

113 — 2. A.B. Stokes (2-1): 1. Bye; QF. W Luke Rider WH 2:58; SF. W Zachary Trenkamp WS 11-9; F. L Devon Weber Prt. injury default.

120 — 1. Grant Treaster (3-0): 1. Bye; QF. W Paul Klein AC 1:08; SF. W Troy Allen Der. :27; F. W Drew Lugafet Buh. :30.

126 — 2. Colin Bybee (3-1): 1. W Gavin Unkel Der. 1:50; QF. W Jaxson Roeder Buh. 1:44; SF. W Zacharias Lough Dgl. 5:13; F. L Kaiser Pelland Prt. 1:19.

132 — 4. Avery Dutcher (2-2): 1. Bye; QF. W Gavin Barker Aug. maj.dec. 18-4; SF. L Bryce Wells Der. 6-0; CSF. W Brendan Kirkhart WS 3:00; CF. L Tommy O'Leary SH 1:48.

138 — 1. Sawyer Mock (3-0): 1. Bye; QF. W Scotty Scrivner AC 2:54; SF. W Matthew Reynolds Dgl. 6-0; F. W Xavier Sisco Der. 3-2.

145 — Spencer Steinmetz (1-2): 1. W Copper Finch SH 3:46; QF. L Kyle Silmon WS 6-5; C2. Bye; CQF. L Ben Duncan Aug. 1:46.

HWT — 2. Rio Gomez (2-1): 1. Bye; QF. W Alex Hurt Der. 2-3 1:12; SF. W Isaiah Zapien WSE 2-2 3:42; F. L Caylen Lowery WH 4:12.

Hesston wins

home tourney

HESSTON — The Hesston High School wrestling team won the Hesston Invitational Saturday.

The Swathers edged Cheney 133-132.5 for the team title. Chaparral was third at 79, followed by Garden Plain at 78 and Bluestem at 50. Halstead took sixth at 42.

The Swathers claimed three individual titles — Jason Hecht at 138 pounds, finishing 4-0; Domanic Clopton at 182 pounds at 5-0; and Ethan Parrott at heavyweight at 3-0.

Second-place finishes for Hesston went to Cody Wohlgemuth at 170 pounds at 4-1, Owen O’Halloran at 195 pounds at 4-1 and Nathan Whitsitt at 220 pounds at 4-1.

Tyrone Taylor was fourth at 160 pounds. Riley Slater was fifth at 132 pounds. Logan Elliott was sixth at 145 pounds.

“It was helpful for our young wrestlers to get some mat time first at Chase County Jamboree on Thursday before our own tournament,” Hesston coach Doug Broadfoot said. “Ethan Parrott wrestled as tough as he ever has in capturing the heavyweight title. Jason Hecht wrestled aggressively all week and wrestled as expected while capturing the 138 pound title. Domanic Clopton is becoming a steady wrestler at 182 and is still undefeated. Owen O’Halloran, Cody Wohlgemuth and Nathan Whitsitt all got quality wins on their way to second-place finishes.”

Halstead brought four wrestlers and was led by Ivan Guiterrez, who placed first at 152 pounds at 2-0. Carter Hiebert was third at 160 pounds at 1-2. Patrick Mueller was fourth at 145 pounds at 2-3. Cole Herman was fourth at heavyweight at 0-3.

Hesston competes at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Nickerson with Lyons.

Halstead is off until the Halstead Invitational Jan. 17 and 18.

Hesston Inv.

Team scores — Hesston 133, Cheney 132.5, Chaparral 79, Garden Plain 78, Bluestem 50, Halstead 42, West Elk 39, Central of Burden 37, Lyons 32, Wichita Trinity Academy 17, Flinthills 13, Smoky Valley 8, Unaffiliated 0.

Final results

106 — no matches.

113 — 1. Jenson Hoeme Che., 2. Ahsten Danner Ly., 3. Jeremiah Nowak GP, 4. Wyatt Hook Un., 5. Logan Albers Un., 6. Byran Smith Un. Round 1: Jenson Hoeme (Che.) pinned Byran Smith (Un.) :18; Wyatt Hook (Un.) pinned Logan Albers (Un.) 2:49; Ahsten Danner (Ly.) pinned Jeremiah Nowak (GP) 3:56. Round 2: Jenson Hoeme (Che.) pinned Jeremiah Nowak (GP) :33; Ahsten Danner (Ly.) pinned Logan Albers (Un.) :25; Wyatt Hook (Un.) dec. Byran Smith (Un.) 17-10. Round 3: Jenson Hoeme (Che.) pinned Ahsten Danner (Ly.) :31; Logan Albers (Un.) pinned Byran Smith (Un.) :55; Jeremiah Nowak (GP) pinned Wyatt Hook (Un.) 5:10. Round 4: Jenson Hoeme (Che.) pinned Wyatt Hook (Un.) 1:00; Jeremiah Nowak (GP) pinned Logan Albers (Un.) 4:39; Ahsten Danner (Ly.) pinned Byran Smith (Un.) 1:31. Round 5: Jenson Hoeme (Che.) pinned Logan Albers (Un.) :23; Ahsten Danner (Ly.) pinned Wyatt Hook (Un.) 1:00; Byran Smith (Un.) pinned Jeremiah Nowak (GP) 5:27.

120 — 1. Reese Gourley Chap. (no other competitors).

126 — 1. Joseph Ord Chap., 2. Eyan Knipp Blu., 3. Matt Swingle Che., 4. Clayton Douglass SV. Round 1: Joseph Ord (Chap.) pinned Clayton Douglass (SV) :52; Eyan Knipp (Blu.) pinned Matt Swingle (Che.) :47. Round 2: Joseph Ord (Chap.) pinned Matt Swingle (Che.) 4:28; Eyan Knipp (Blu.) pinned Clayton Douglass (SV) :44. Round 3: Joseph Ord (Chap.) dec. Eyan Knipp (Blu.) 6-0; Matt Swingle (Che.) pinned Clayton Douglass (SV) :21.

132 — 1. Brian Escobar Chap., 2. John Heuer WTA, 3. Tayden Tindle WE, 4. Josh Adams Blu., 5. Riley Slater Hes., 6. Chance Fortune GP. Round 1: Brian Escobar (Chap.) def. Chance Fortune (GP) forfeit; John Heuer (WTA) pinned Riley Slater (Hes.) 5:21; Tayden Tindle (WE) pinned Josh Adams (Blu.) 3:48. Round 2: Brian Escobar (Chap.) pinned Tayden Tindle (WE) :56; Josh Adams (Blu.) pinned Riley Slater (Hes.) 3:47; John Heuer (WTA) def. Chance Fortune (GP) forfeit. Round 3: Brian Escobar (Chap.) pinned Josh Adams (Blu.) :41; Riley Slater (Hes.) def. Chance Fortune (GP) forfeit; John Heuer (WTA) maj.dec. Tayden Tindle (WE) 12-2. Round 4: Brian Escobar (Chap.) dec. John Heuer (WTA) 4-1 7-6; Tayden Tindle (WE) pinned Riley Slater (Hes.) :28; Josh Adams (Blu.) def. Chance Fortune (GP) forfeit. Round 5: Brian Escobar (Chap.) pinned Riley Slater (Hes.) :47; John Heuer (WTA) pinned Josh Adams (Blu.) 5:42; Tayden Tindle (WE) def. Chance Fortune (GP) forfeit.

138 — 1. Jason Hecht Hes., 2. Gabe Gordon GP, 3. Elliot Helten Un., 4. Dagen VanBuren WE, 5. Trevor Taylor Blu. Round 1: Jason Hecht (Hes.) pinned Elliot Helten (Un.) :44; Gabe Gordon (GP) pinned Trevor Taylor (Blu.) 1:00. Round 2: Jason Hecht (Hes.) pinned Dagen VanBuren (WE) 1:20; Elliot Helten (Un.) pinned Trevor Taylor (Blu.) 1:21. Round 3: Gabe Gordon (GP) pinned Elliot Helten (Un.) 1:51; Dagen VanBuren (WE) pinned Trevor Taylor (Blu.) :30. Round 4: Jason Hecht (Hes.) pinned Trevor Taylor (Blu.) :28; Gabe Gordon (GP) pinned Dagen VanBuren (WE) 1:43. Round 5: Jason Hecht (Hes.) 7-0 pinned Gabe Gordon (GP) :55; Elliot Helten (Un.) 2-2 pinned Dagen VanBuren (WE) 1:17.

145 — 1. Colby Schreiner Che., 2. Travis Hebb WE, 3. Francis Stuhlsatz GP, 4. Patrick Mueller Hal., 5. Chris Hartman Ly., 6. Logan Elliott Hes., 7. Rebecca Hunter Chap. Championship: Colby Schreiner (Che.) pinned Travis Hebb (WE) 1:39. Third: Francis Stuhlsatz (GP) pinned Patrick Mueller (Hal.) 1:50. Fifth: Chris Hartman (Ly.) pinned Logan Elliott (Hes.) 2:27. Seventh: Rebecca Hunter (Chap.) Bye.

152 — 1. Ivan Gutierrez Hal., 2. Brady Redd Che., 3. Braedon Alverson Un. Round 1: Brady Redd (Che.) pinned Braedon Alverson (Un.) :18. Round 2: Ivan Gutierrez (Hal.) pinned Braedon Alverson (Un.) 1:14. Round 3: Ivan Gutierrez (Hal.) pinned Brady Redd (Che.) 1:48.

160 — 1. Logan Doshier Che., 2. Jeb Nowak GP, 3. Carter Hiebert Hal., 4. Tyrone Taylor Hes. Round 1: Logan Doshier (Che.) pinned Tyrone Taylor (Hes.) 1:48; Jeb Nowak (GP) pinned Carter Hiebert (Hal.) 2:37. Round 2: Logan Doshier (Che.) tech.fall Carter Hiebert (Hal.) 19-4; Jeb Nowak (GP) pinned Tyrone Taylor (Hes.) 3:00. Round 3: Logan Doshier (Che.) pinned Jeb Nowak (GP) 2:24; Carter Hiebert (Hal.) pinned Tyrone Taylor (Hes.) :36.

170 — 1. Tranden Daerr GP, 2. Cody Wohlgemuth Hes., 3. Seath Long CB, 4. Jeremiah Ecker Un., 5. Hayden Hartung Un., 6. Bailey Fiebiger Blu., 7. Haley Phillips SV. Championship: Tranden Daerr (GP) pinned Cody Wohlgemuth (Hes.) 1:14. Third: Seath Long (CB) pinned Jeremiah Ecker (Un.) 1:40. Fifth: Hayden Hartung (Un.) dec. Bailey Fiebiger (Blu.) 2-1. Seventh: Haley Phillips (SV) Bye.

182 — 1. Domanic Clopton Hes., 2. Jonathan McAmis Blu., 3. Zane McGuffey Che., 4. Cameron Weaver Un., 5. Koleton Branch WE, 6. Justin Holt SV. Round 1: Domanic Clopton (Hes.) pinned Koleton Branch (WE) 1:34; Jonathan McAmis (Blu.) dec. Zane McGuffey (Che.) 3-1; Cameron Weaver (Un.) dec. Justin Holt (SV) 7-5 OT. Round 2: Domanic Clopton (Hes.) pinned Justin Holt (SV) :36; Zane McGuffey (Che.) pinned Cameron Weaver (Un.) 2:37; Jonathan McAmis (Blu.) dec. Koleton Branch (WE) 7-3. Round 3: Domanic Clopton (Hes.) pinned Cameron Weaver (Un.) :58; Zane McGuffey (Che.) dec. Koleton Branch (WE) 7-4; Jonathan McAmis (Blu.) pinned Justin Holt (SV) 1:53. Round 4: Domanic Clopton (Hes.) pinned Jonathan McAmis (Blu.) 1:58; Zane McGuffey (Che.) pinned Justin Holt (SV) 1:47; Cameron Weaver (Un.) pinned Koleton Branch (WE) 1:38. Round 5: Domanic Clopton (Hes.) pinned Zane McGuffey (Che.) 3:08; Jonathan McAmis (Blu.) pinned Cameron Weaver (Un.) 2:29; Koleton Branch (WE) pinned Justin Holt (SV) 1:15.

195 — 1. Davontae Black Che., 2. Owen O'Halloran Hes., 3. Dalton Carey Un., 4. Isaiah Kidwell-Ellis Un., 5. Kolby Hebb Blu., 6. Clayton Lassley WE. Round 1: Davontae Black (Che.) pinned Clayton Lassley (WE) :29; Owen O'Halloran (Hes.) pinned Kolby Hebb (Blu.) :26; Dalton Carey (Un.) pinned Isaiah Kidwell-Ellis (Un.) 5:20. Round 2: Davontae Black (Che.) pinned Isaiah Kidwell-Ellis (Un.) 2:47; Owen O'Halloran (Hes.) pinned Dalton Carey (Un.) 1:00; Kolby Hebb (Blu.) pinned Clayton Lassley (WE) 2:09. Round 3: Davontae Black (Che.) pinned Dalton Carey (Un.) 2:32; Owen O'Halloran (Hes.) pinned Clayton Lassley (WE) :17; Isaiah Kidwell-Ellis (Un.) pinned Kolby Hebb (Blu.) :55. Round 4: Davontae Black (Che.) pinned Kolby Hebb (Blu.) :26; Owen O'Halloran (Hes.) pinned Isaiah Kidwell-Ellis (Un.) :59; Dalton Carey (Un.) pinned Clayton Lassley (WE) :40. Round 5: Davontae Black (Che.) dec. Owen O'Halloran (Hes.) 5-4; Dalton Carey (Un.) pinned Kolby Hebb (Blu.) 5:27; Isaiah Kidwell-Ellis (Un.) pinned Clayton Lassley (WE) 1:16.

220 — 1. Dylan Helbing CB, 2. Nathan Whitsitt Hes., 3. Gavin Girty Flnt., 4. Ethan Buxton Blu., 5. Harley Acord Chap., 6. Troy Reazin Ly., 7. Alex Grosland SV. Championship: Dylan Helbing (CB) pinned Nathan Whitsitt (Hes.) :47. Third: Gavin Girty (Flnt.) pinned Ethan Buxton (Blu.) :53. Fifth: Harley Acord (Chap.) pinned Troy Reazin (Ly.) :38. Seventh: Alex Grosland (SV) Bye.

HWT — 1. Ethan Parrott Hes., 2. Mack Metzger Chap., 3. Peyton Becker Che., 4. Cole Herman Hal. Round 1: Ethan Parrott (Hes.) dec. Cole Herman (Hal.) 5-3; Mack Metzger (Chap.) pinned Peyton Becker (Che.) 3:47. Round 2: Ethan Parrott (Hes.) pinned Peyton Becker (Che.) :57; Mack Metzger (Chap.) def. Cole Herman (Hal.) forfeit. Round 3: Ethan Parrott (Hes.) pinned Mack Metzger (Chap.) 3:29; Peyton Becker (Che.) def. Cole Herman (Hal.) forfeit.

Swathers compete

at Chase County

COTTONWOOD FALLS — Friday, Hesston competed at the fourth Chase County Bulldog Jamboree in Cottonwood Falls.

Finishing unbeaten for Hesston were Juliene Wald in the girls’ 109-pound class, Jason Hecht at 138 pounds, Garrett Slater at 145 pounds, Domanic Clopton at 182 pounds, Owen O’Halloran at 195 pounds, Dalton Carey at 195 pounds, Nathan Whitsitt at 220 pounds and Ethan Parrott at heavyweight.

“The format of this tournament was a lot of fun,” Hesston coach Doug Broadfoot said. “No team scores were kept and everyone on our team had an opportunity to wrestle and gain valuable experience for our young wrestlers. Jason Hecht, Ethan Parrott, Domanic Clopton, Owen O’Halloran, Nathan Whitsitt and Garret Slater each were undefeated in their weight classes. But the highlight had to be watching freshman Juliene Wald win her bracket in the girls 109-pound class. She was down 9-3 going into the last period, then she reversed and pinned her opponent with 15 seconds left in the match.”

Bulldog Jamboree


Hesston results

Girls 109 — Juliene Wald (2-0): W Azia Obergon (Emporia) 5:45; W Alexis Herron (Chase County) 1:02.

132 — Riley Slater (2-1): W Thomas Salendar (Chase County) maj.dec. 18-5; L Colton Bacon (Council Grove) 4:30; W Dylan King (Clearwater) :47.

138 — Jason Hecht (3-0): W Josiah Huber (Emporia) 1:12; W Matthew Reynolds (Douglass) 4:36; W Jorge Hernandez (Emporia) :26.

145 — Garrett Slater (3-0): W Zachary Hilton (Eureka) 1:03; W Anthony Rooney (Clearwater) 2:31; W Rogelio Rodriguez (Emporia) 1:33.

145 — Logan Elliott (0-3): L Tre Karagianis (Douglass) 1:49; L Brody Palowski (Clearwater) 1:22; L Miguel Ortiz (Emporia) 1:38.

160 — Tyrone Taylor (2-1): W Brandon Parker (Douglass) :48; L Easton Idleman (Herington) :46; W Aiden Neill (Eureka) 5:16.

170 — Jeremiah Ecker (0-3): L Manuel Renteria (Emporia) 10-4; L Tarren Biering (Eureka) 6-3; L Davin White (Emporia) 1:35.

170 — Cody Wohlgemuth (0-2): L Nathan McElfresh (Emporia) maj.dec. 9-0; L Garrison Spoonts (Eureka) 1:12.

170 — Hayden Hartung (0-2): L Garrison Spoonts (Eureka) 1:10; L Nathan McElfresh (Emporia) 1:34.

182 — Cameron Weaver (1-2): W Ethan Boles (Eureka) 7-2; L Charles Pearson (Douglass) :41; L Ethan Craige (Council Grove) 3:15.

182 — Domanic Clopton (3-0): W Dylan Stop (Emporia) :53; W Frankie Tilton (Douglass) :59; W Maverick Lawrence (Clearwater) :38.

195 — Owen O'Halloran (3-0): W Carter Garza (Emporia) 3:49; W Clayton Elliott (Douglass) :15; W Cole Strickler (Eureka) 4:10.

195 — Isaiah Kidwell-Ellis (0-2): L Jakob Morales (Douglass) 1:44; L Matthew Maxson (Council Grove) 3-2.

195 — Dalton Carey (2-0): W Christian Hageman (Emporia) 1:41; W Austin Carlson (Clearwater) 10-5.

220 — Nathan Whitsitt (2-0): W Garrett Gordon (Council Grove) 1:17; W Alec Beasley (Clearwater) 1:33.

285 — Ethan Parrott (3-0): W Pedro Lopez (Emporia) 1:04; W Gabe Shepherd (Eureka) 1:18; W Wilbert Sandoval (Emporia) 1:47.

Wald third

at Great Bend

GREAT BEND — Hesston freshman Juliene Wald placed third Saturday at the Great Bend Invitational.

Wald finished the tournament 3-2.

No team scores were kept.

Great Bend Inv.

Hesston results

109 — Juliene Wald (3-2): W Shelby Scrivner (Andover Central) 1:44; W Hailee Greenway (Campus) 2:00; L Chloe Sullivan (Garden City) 1:25; L Sarah Zimmerman (Hays) 3:43; W Azalea Solis (Campus) 2:08.

Newton JV

at Goddard Inv.

Newton results

113 — 1. Josiah Schmidt (3-0): W Carter Stapleton (Valley Center) :24; W Madix Lukens (Goddard) :54; W Patrick Hand (Kapaun-Mount Carmel) 1:12.

145 — Arnold Aguilar (1-2): QF. L Henry Buresh 4:32; C1. W Sterling Curry (Bishop Carroll) 1:01; CSF. L Alex Torres (Bishop Carroll) 11-8.

152 — 1. Ben Reyes (4-0): 1. W (Valley Center) 5-3; QF. W Medaris Burkhart (Goddard Eisenhower) 4:48; SF. W Isaac Arredondo (Bishop Carroll) 9-6; F. W Easton Boone (Valley Center) 3-2.

160 — 3. Jaime Gonzales (4-1; 1. W Cesar Morales (Valley Center) maj.dec. 16-4; QF. W Jacob Pfannenstiel (Bishop Carroll) 5-1; SF. L Trynten Flores (Valley Center) 5-4; CSF. W Cesar Morales (Valley Center) maj.dec. 13-3; CF. W Jacob Pfannenstiel (Bishop Carroll) :43.

160 — Brody Harper (2-2): 1. W Kerigan Burkhart (Goddard Eisenhower) 1:13; QF. W Chase Glasscock (Bishop Carroll) 2:34; SF. L West Schomaker (Valley Center) 9-6; CSF. L Jacob Pfannenstiel (Bishop Carroll) 6-3.

170 — 3. Clayton Smith (3-1): QF. W D.J. Michaud (Valley Center) :54; SF. L Devin Mathes (Goddard) :53; CSF. W Jace Burgess (Valley Center) :38; CF. W Jacob Foulk (Bishop Carroll) 1:18.

182 — Michael Tyrell (1-2): QF. L Dorian Hippen (Hutchinson) 1:23; C1. W Ernesto Castrorena (Goddard) 2:56; CSF. L Isaac Mondragon (Goddard) 3:40.

220 — 5. K.P. Suriyapong (1-4): L Nick Scarbrough (Hutchinson) 2:27; L Aden Lemasters (Rose Hill) 1:34; W Carter Grosse (Newton) 1:49; L Adam Bischoff (Goddard Eisenhower):28; L Hunter Slay (Valley Center) 2:19.

220 — 6. Carter Grosse (0-5): L Hunter Slay (Valley Center) :33; L Nick Scarbrough (Hutchinson) 2:41; L K.P. Suriyapong (Newton) 1:49; L Aden Lemasters (Rose Hill) 1:20; L Adam Bischoff (Goddard Eisenhower) 2:35.