DODGE CITY — God got the best of author Linda Fergerson. Now the spiritual leader wants to get the best out of other Christian women who want to fight what it is that feels wrong in their own lives.

After five years of novel writing, Fergerson is three books into a historical fiction series titled “The Lion and the Butterfly,” set in first-century Jerusalem and centered around a female character whose story in many ways imitates her own life.

And yet, with plans to revisit Israel this March, is it really Fergerson’s own life that imitates her art?

She put on hold the fourth and final installment in the series to fly with other women to Israel for an 11-day biblical tour. There is still time for others to join, she said, if they have a passport and about $5,000 to cover the cost per person.

Her books, however, are on sale for a special price this Christmas season: all three for $36 for those who call her by Dec. 23.

The novels cost $15 individually. They are on the shelves at New Creation Studio 517, 315 Gunsmoke St., and at The Shoe Fetish, 1705 N. 14th Ave., and available for order at the Christian Book House, 702 N. 2nd Ave.

They are also available for order on Amazon and can be purchased immediately on Kindle and Nook E-readers.

“I never wanted to be a writer,” she said. “I didn’t think I could do it. But I felt God wanted me to.”

Young Fergerson prayed for the three things she needed to succeed as a writer: a typewriter, the support of her husband and the desire to write.

Before she could shirk her calling, her husband, Steve, owner of Fergerson’s Furniture & Appliance, bought her a typewriter.

Ever since, she’s been writing by the seat of her pants.

“You remind me of a butterfly,” a mentor once told her. “You don’t always look like you know where you’re going but you always get to where God wants you.”

For more information, visit, call Fergerson at 620-255-6161 or email