AV-CTL Boys Gannett Kansas Power Poll
Rank; Team; Div; Score
1; Andover Central; (1 KBCA Class 5A) Div II; 25
2; Andover; (7 KBCA Class 5A) Div. II; 22.25
3; Wichita Campus; Div. I; 21.25
4; Goddard-Eisenhower; (4 KBCA Class 5A)Div. II; 20.88
5; Andale; (4 KBCA Class 4A) Div. IV; 19.88
6; Derby; Div. I; 18.63
7; Augusta; (5, KBCA Class 4A) Div. III; 18.25
8; Salina-Central; Div. I; 17.25
9; Maize South; Div. II; 17
10; Maize; (6, KBCA Class 5A) Div. I; 16.38
11; Buhler; (10, KBCA Class 4A) Div. III; 15.75
12; Wichita Collegiate; (1 KBCA Class 3A) Div. IV; 15.75
13; McPherson; Div. III; 15.13
14; Salina-South; Div. I; 13.75
15; Arkansas City; Div II; 13.13
16; Newton; Div. I; 12.38
17; Valley Center; Div. II; 11.13
18; Clearwater; Div. IV; 9.75
19; Rose Hill; Div. IV; 8.5
20; Hutchinson; Div. I; 8.13
21; Circle; Div. III; 6.88
22; El Dorado; Div. III; 6.25
23; Mulvane; Div. IV; 5.75
24; Goddard; Div. II; 5.38
25; Wellington; Div. IV; 3.88
26; Winfield; Div. III; 2.75

A player to watch
Jordan Vincent, Goddard Eisenhower. He can drive the lane and score. Vincent is one of the state’s top 2020 prospects to watch playing for Goddard Eisenhower. He posted 26 points in his season opener, along with eight assists and seven rebounds. In 70 games, he has averaged 12.7 points during his four-year career.

A team on the rise
Andover Central. Ranked No. 1 in their class, they will be a top team until someone else steps forward to take it away from them. They are defending champs in 5A, and should be expected to go dancing in March.

A team stumbling
Newton. They did better in their opener than expected, but losing a player the cabler of Ty Berry puts them behind. If they find a new identity, they will be a formidable team in a tough division. However, they have work to do on that end.

AV-CTL Girls Gannett Kansas Power Poll
Rank; Team; Div; Score
1; McPherson; Div. III (2, KBCA Class 5A); 25.29
2; Derby; Div. I (4, KBCA Class 6A); 25.17
3; Maize; Div. I (3, KBCA Class 5A); 23.83
4; Andover Central; Div. II (7, KBCA Class 5A); 23.17
5; Salina-Central; Div. I (5, KBCA Class 5A); 21.17
6; Andale; Div. IV (6, KBCA Class 4A); 20.14
7; Goddard; Div. II; 19.00
8; Andover; Div. II; 17.83
9; Salina-South; Div. I; 17.00
10; Circle; Div. III (5, KBCA Class 4A); 16.86
11; Maize South; Div. II (10, KBCA Class 5A); 15.67
12; Buhler; Div. III; 14.71
13; Goddard-Eisenhower; Div. II; 13.67
14; Newton; Div. I; 12.33
15; Clearwater; Div. IV; 11.86
16; Hutchinson; Div. I; 11.83
17; Valley Center; Div. II; 10.83
18; Augusta; Div. III (10, KBCA Class 4A); 9.71
19; Wellington; Div. IV; 8.86
20; Wichita Campus; Div. I; 8.50
21; Rose Hill; Div. IV; 8.14
22; Wichita Collegiate; Div. IV; 7.29
23; El Dorado; Div. III; 6.71
24; Winfield; Div. III; 6.71
25; Mulvane; Div. IV; 6.14
26; Arkansas City; Div. II; 3.17

A player to watch
Emma Ruddle is a McPherson guard known as a shooter, driver and distributor.  A three-time state champion in track and field, she is a verbal commit to play basketball at Fort Hays State next year. This is her third year starting for the Bullpups, leading them to the 2018 Class 4A State Championship and a fourth-place finish in the 2019 Class 5A State Tournament.  Last season she averaged 8.3 points per game, 3.6 rebounds and 1.7 assists.

A team on the rise

Pollsters call Andover Central “Loaded” and a team with a “a lot of good young talent.” The Jaguars opened the season with a 12 point win over Maize South (11, KBCA Class 5A 10), a four-point loss to McPherson (1, KBCA Class 5A 2) and a nine-point win over Wichita Northwest. Three of the top five scorers on the team are underclassmen, lead by sophomore Brittany Harshaw with 14.7 points per game.

A team stumbling

Newton. This is not what we are used to from Newton girls basketball. The team is young and lacking experience. A new coach is at the helm, and the growing pains are clear as day. It is likely there will be a very short postseason for the Railers. They have athletes on the team that can, and will, improve as the season progresses — but they will likely get bounced early in the playoffs.