Three things



1. Selected a site for a new library


The commission voted unanimously to select Military Park, the current location of the public library, as the site of a new library.


The commission took the action after reviewing a site section process by HBM Architects and Interior Designs which hosted public meetings to get public feedback on what factors were important for the site of a new library and the creation of “test fit” drawings for each site suggested.


The action brought Phase I of the library project to a close, and the city agreed to move forward with the next two phases of the project.


The library will be paying the expenses of the Phase II and III, using endowment funds.


Phase II is Looking at programming and needs for a new facility. Phase III is public education and fundraising.





2. Approved a water project


The commission approved moving forward with a project to extend a water main to a property owned by a development company on South Kansas Ave.


“This is the first infrastructure project that has come from this plat,” Loomis said.


The plans and specifications have been submitted to KDHE for review. According to a memo to the city commission from Suzanne Loomis, the project will not be bid until late in the first quarter of 2020. Estimates for the project are between $180,00 and $202,000.


Occidental Management bought 76.6 acres along South Kansas Avenue, directly south of Arby's, in 2013 and announced a more than $80 million plan for the property that included commercial, residential and office areas.



3. Changed the recycling program

The commission chose to do away with mandatory recycling in favor of a voluntary program in response to changes made by the county commission.

The commission did not set new rates or decide how rates of the program will be set. 

The commission could choose to only charge those residents who use the service or charge a flat fee to all sanitation customers. Voluntary recycling would mean changing the number of trucks on the road as well — with three trash trucks operated four days a week and one recycling truck four days a week.

City staff will prepare estimates for rate changes over the course of the next month.