Harvey County Sheriff Chad Gay is patiently waiting and is unsure just when his wait will end.

In February, Harvey County approved a bid of $157,675 for five Ford Interceptors — new cruisers for the sheriff's office. Those vehicles have not yet been delivered.

“Ford switched their model year, and that put them way behind,” Gay said. ”We have been hearing we are 'close' to getting them, but we have been hearing that for a couple of months so I guess 'close' is relative.”

It runs deeper than that, however. According to fordauthority.com, the manufacturing facility used for the vehicle was completely retooled — leading to delays for multiple models of vehicles manufactured in Chicago.

County commission Randy Hague tried to look on the bright side of things Tuesday — acknowledging that while they do not have the new vehicles, that also means there is not mileage being added to the odometers.

However, it does mean the current fleet is adding miles every day.

According to fordauthority.com, Ford has confirmed that delays have impacted the police vehicle, pushing orders of more than 15,000 Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUVs back as the issues are sorted. The problem for Ford is not only are police agencies waiting for their new vehicles, but the order represents an estimated $570 million in revenue for the company.

“This is impacting law enforcement agencies nationwide,” said Dan Bronson, assistant county administrator/director of finance for Harvey County.