Trump was hurting

I believe President Trump was truly hurting when he absolved those Navy Seals. He must have been experiencing intense pain from his shin splints. Pain can fog the sense of logic.

— Beth Vannatta, Halstead


An update in Halstead is needed

Having read a recent insert in the Newton Kansan that showcased Newton and Harvey County Police, Sheriff, Fire, EMS, 911 Dispatchers and Emergency Preparedness Employees, I think it'd be a good idea to do that here in Halstead.

I also think it'd be good to copy Sheriff Gay's Facebook posts that introduce a different deputy each week, only do it with Halstead Police Department Officers.

This could be done for all Halstead departments, Police, Fire/EMS, maintenance, and City Hall so that the people of Halstead have a current and updated list of names and faces of those working on our behalf. It could list qualifications, experiences, notable accomplishments, and family ties to the area as applicable.

There could also be a listing of who our City Attorney and City Judge is with their qualifications, experiences and notable accomplishments.

I know that some of this is done once a year in the Independent, but there appear to be a lot of changes and turnover in various departments throughout the year that could be updated periodically in the Independent and on the Halstead city social media pages.

— Kevin Henderson,  Halstead


Two Dec. 7s

Everyone knows the compelling words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, addressing a Joint Session of Congress on Dec. 8, 1941, in which he asks Congress for an official "declaration of war" due to the Japanese attack on American military forces at Pearl Harbor, a day earlier.

I mourn our dead and wounded American military personnel. That sudden attack mobilized the American people from being neutral or "isolationists" to a unified nation as mad as a wounded tiger, eager to fight its enemy. I'm not minimizing the tragic date in 1941. It will always be a 'date which shall live in infamy".

However, in a twist-of-fate, just a mere nine years earlier, on Dec. 7, 1932, it became a day of salvation and rescue for one man. Many readers will ask -- who? On Dec. 7, 1932, the noted German-born Swiss physicist Albert Einstein was granted a visa to enter the United States. He eventually became a legal naturalized American citizen, and he died in America -- in Princeton, New Jersey in 1955.

Einstein's importance cannot be understated: It was he who urged FDR to commence research in the United States leading to 'the Manhattan Project', resulting in the development of the Atomic Bomb. Due to Einstein's Jewish faith, he dared not return to Hitler's Germany or else face certain death.

Let us remember both Dec 7th's. One date represents "Good;" while the other date represents "Evil." A legal immigrant was saved, and his survival (due to his scientific knowledge and talents) helped America win World War II.

— James Marples, Esbon