Friday morning, the last day of school before fall break at Northridge Elementary, got off to a fast start. The school hosted its annual cup-stacking tournament.

"These guys are part of a special club that not many people get to be in," said Mario Nava, physical education teacher at the school. "We only take 16 people out of the entire school to come up here and show off the skills that they have practiced so hard."

Speed stacking is an individual and team sport that involves stacking nine or 12 specially designed cups in predetermined sequences as fast as you can.

For the Northridge tournament, competitors used 12 cups, divided into three separate stacks — two stacks of three and one stack of six stacked in a pyramid. The world record holder in the event completed the stack in less that two seconds, the Northridge winner finished in just over five seconds.

Medals were given to the top two competitors at Northridge.