A traditional Thanksgiving meal is, usually, about more than turkey and mashed potatoes. It is also about time spent with people important to you.

That was the case for the first grade at Northridge Elementary.

On Friday, the last day before Thanksgiving break, the first grade hosted a Thanksgiving dinner and invited a crew of Newton firefighters, several police officers and a public works worker.

"Our first-graders have been talking a lot about giving back and completing the circle and being thankful," said Amber Chalashtari, a first-grade teacher at the school.

Volunteers and parents served the meal in the school lunchroom at 2 p.m. after school lunch was over. Students munched on turkey and spent time talking with their heroes as they ate.

"Our first-graders are excited to talk with you and ask their burning questions," Chalashtari said while introducing the meal. "... You all have given to us. You have all come talk to us, helped across the road safely and that has been a great learning tool this year. We are excited to have you here."