Richard Stinnett, Clinton McBroom and Rod Kreie have each won a seat on the Newton City Commission following the Nov. 5 City/School election in Harvey County.

With 100 percent of precints reporting, Stinnett was the top vote getter with 1,735 votes. Joining him on the commission for a four-year term will be Clinton McBroom with 1,507 votes. In third place was Rod Kreie, an incumbent, with 1,426 votes. Kreie earned a two-year term on the commission. 

Antonio Sandate finished in fourth, more than 100 votes behind Kreie. There are 95 provisional ballots countywide to be canvassed Nov. 14.

In the North Newto City Council race, Ron Ratzlaff (272) and Kurt Friesen (254) too the top two spots of a four candidate race.