Tracy Jones' upward trajectory in the business world continues. The Hesston resident has worked in chiropractors' offices on and off for the past 20 years, picking up a few tips and tricks along the way. Last year, she took the next step and officially became a massage therapist — working out of the Hendrickson Chiropractic locations in Hesston and Newton.

Looking for a little more space to expand her business — Essential Elements Wellness Spa — Jones officially moved in with the Hesston Wellness Center and Water's Edge (701 S. Main St.) and has been operating there since Labor Day, with an official grand opening this past week. According to Jones though, that is just the start.

"My end goal is to open up a complete, stand-alone wellness spa that has lots of different services, all dealing in the natural therapy aspects. Opening up over here was my next step, just to get out on my own and give me a chance to bring in some additional services." Jones said. "Some will be kind of trials to see if they go well; others will definitely be things to keep around. I just needed some more freedom to expand out my services and kind of make my own way."

Jones started working with Hendrickson Chiropractic two and a half years ago, but she noted she has always been drawn towards work in health care, specifically in the field of chiropractic practices and natural therapy.

While working at Hendrickson Chiropractic, Jones said, it was one of their patients who helped put her on her current career path.

"It was actually a patient of mine that pushed me towards doing massage. Working as a chiropractic assistant/office manager for Hendrickson's, I was doing some trigger point therapy on one of our patients and trying to work out some significant knots that she had in her neck and shoulders. We had recently lost our massage therapist and she said, 'Why aren't you doing the massage around here?' She said, 'You need to be doing this,' " Jones said. "I'd done it for friends and family and coworkers, just rubbing their backs, their shoulders, whatever, but hadn't really decided on that as a career path until that moment. I started off doing it part time at Hendrickson's and within four months I couldn't keep up with the patient load."

Expanding to the new location, Jones said some new services will come with that. Most notably, she has added cryoskin treatments — a fat loss and skin tightening and toning system that is fairly new to the U.S. (introduced in the last two years).

Additionally, Jones' background with chiropractors means there is a little different focus at her spa compared to others when it comes to massage services.

"On the massage side, I have a very unique skill set. I was trained by chiropractors that I worked for over the years, so I'm not your typical spa massage therapist that just relaxes you and leaves you feeling like you're in la la land when you leave. I actually know more about how the muscles, the nerves and the joints all work together, so I look at it from not where the pain is located but where the source of that pain is from. I'm more of your medical or targeted medical massage therapist. I can knock out a migraine in 30 minutes. I can take care of sciatica and show an improvement on your first visit. I do a lot of getting people better, not just the relaxation side."

Being in Hesston eight years, Jones said she her family have come to love it. She also loves getting to help her patients and enhance their quality of life.

For now, Jones is happy with a little extra space to help serve her clients, but hopes to be working in her stand-alone spa in a couple of years to bring even more services to the community.

"I want to bring in different kinds of providers and therapies and a full line of supplements that are going to make people feel not only better about themselves — maybe mentally, physically, spiritually — but also be healthier and help them achieve their goals," she said.

Essential Elements Wellness Spa is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday. For more information, call 620-951-4493.