Newton knew better

I went to the Newton Public Library last week and watched the film about Newton basketball. I found it informative, and much of what it focuses on is found in the book about Newton basketball. In the film there are about 10 actual videos from their basketball games in the 1940s and '50s. I found it most interesting that in over half of all those clips the opposing teams were playing black basketball players.

One justification some in the Newton community use to suggest that Lindley Hall not be renamed goes something like this: "Well, they just didn't know better back then" or "That's the way it was then." (That) just does not hold up when some of Newton's opposing teams were playing black players.

Watch the film. See for yourself.
Regardless of how the Newton School Board decides on the Lindley Hall issue, we should not not allow the "that's just the way it was then" excuse to be thought of as the whole truth.  It wasn't that way in all schools.  It was that way in Newton and SOME schools Newton played against. But Newton knew better at the time and with such a strong following at basketball games, many Newtonians saw games where opposing teams played black players.

— Chuck Friesen, North Newton


Support for McBroom

I have been a resident and homeowner in Newton for 58 years and have seen many commissioners come and go.

I think we now have a chance to elect a very good and capable leader in Clint McBroom.

I have known him for seven years. I have been impressed by his honesty and integrity. He studies and keeps current to find solutions to problems. He is sensitive to all people and willing to listen to them. He has a servant's heart.

Working with financial budgets has been a strong asset for him.

Please vote for Clinton McBroom for city commission.

— Sara Murphy, Newton


Sunday sales

I am writing in regard to Sunday liquor sales. Not many comments have been given. Because I feel strongly about it, I must make my feelings known.

I have called commission members. Some said Sunday sales would actually help rather than hinder some individuals. It would save those already drinking from getting out on the roads driving to nearby towns to purchase more alcohol. One had seen this very thing. If that was so he should call law enforcement to prevent that person from hurting himself, or more importantly innocent bystanders, rather than taking pity because the driver just had to have more alcohol on that Sunday afternoon. I don't relish Newtonians going about their day attending church, eating out for Sunday dinner, visiting family, etc., meeting those drivers in Newton either. Is it our responsibility to “help” in this way?

The big issue is money. Newton businesses and government would gain many thousands in sales and taxes. Taxes could be used for projects we can't afford (library, pool, streets). Is it worth it? It seems like “blood money” to be excited to fill our coffers in this way. We will also be “up with the times” because “everyone else is doing it.” That's never a good reason. 

“If you want to make a difference, you need to be a little different.” Why does Newton want to be like everyone else? Let's be different for good reasons!

— Deidra and John Hendricks, Newton