Darren McMannis will offer the program "Harvey County: Murder & Mayhem, Deadly Encounters, and Fatal Accidents, 1854-1949" at 2 p.m. Nov. 3 in the Halstead Heritage Museum and Depot, 116 E. First St., Halstead.

The Halstead Historical Society is hosting the free program featuring stories from former newspaper editors' articles. In a small rural county, these true stories shocked and stunned the peaceful residents who called it home. One reporter wrote, "A shocking tragedy, the most terrible and revolting ever recorded in the annals of Newton, took place in the city and the citizens have not yet recovered from the horror and indignation which the crime aroused in their breast".

McMannis said the victims, the lawmen and the heroic efforts of those in the community to apprehend the murderer must always be re-told, and never be forgotten.

McMannis has recently published five books: "Murder & Mayhem on the Kansas Prairie: 1854-1869;" "Deadly Encounters: Murder & Mayhem in Harvey County, Kansas 1871-1899;" "Deadly Encounters: Murder and Mayhem in Harvey County, Kansas 1900-1949;" "Roadside Crosses: Travel Accidents in Harvey County, Kansas; and Sudden Endings: Fatal Accidents in Harvey County, Kansas."