Voting for Edwards

Hi. My name is Stan Downey. I've owned the Sears store here in Newton for almost 20 years. That is where I met Luke Edwards.

Luke was a 19-year-old kid who needed some direction and mentoring.

We took Luke under our wing at the store. He got on the right track. He started going to school and working. He became a very responsible man and he was eventually promoted to store manager. We had many talks and I found Luke to be a great leader who expected no more from people than he was willing to give himself.

Over the years I was lucky enough to call myself Luke's friend. I have been able to see him grow professionally as well as personally. Luke has become a leader in the community as well. He is informed and a very bright individual. He wants the best for the children and the community. We have had several conversations and I've been impressed with his knowledge. Luke seems wise beyond his years. I would absolutely recommend Luke for school board. He will do an outstanding job. He is a tireless worker who will do what's best. He is a good man, and he is right for the job.

— Stan Downey, Newton




Supporting Edwards

I am happy to support Luke Edwards for School Board member of USD 373. I recently retired from the school district after teaching for 31 years in the infant toddler 0-3 program. I am heavily invested in this district and the future for all students. I feel Luke will be a valuable addition to the Board.

Luke seeks out information about the district and the programs that are part of the district. He strives to understand the workings of programs and departments by face to face conversations and in person visits to the schools and programs that make up the day to day operations of the district. He is an advocate of education for all students- Birth to grade 12.

Luke asks tough questions and truly listens even if there are uncomfortable answers. He desires to learn from the past and to make better decisions with resources in the future which will improve the Newton Public Schools. Luke wants to capitalize upon the good aspects of the Newton district.

The Newton school district needs a person like Luke — a person who is a team player; a person who is willing to listen, communicate, and move the district forward in a positive way. Please join me in voting for Luke Edwards for USD 373 School Board.

— Marcia Friesen, Newton


Consider Mallory Morton


I hope when you select the next four USD 373 school board members you will consider Mallory Morton. I've seen Mallory attend and live stream every BOE meeting for the last couple of years. I've seen her in meetings with the superintendent, where she had done her homework, dug in deep and asked challenging questions. She's direct, smart, objective and invested. Mallory truly cares about what's best for all of our children and our community. Being a devoted, loving, stay-at-home mom, also provides her with time that others don't have to dedicate to the job of being a BOE member. You'll do well for our schools by putting Mallory on the board. Thank you.

— Michele Ediger, Walton


Support for Treaster

Please join me in voting for Matt Treaster for school board. As a parent and a school board member, Matt has shown he values the education of our Newton students. Matt faithfully attends parent-teacher conferences and is active in his children's education. Matt clearly respects the teachers and staff in our district.

As president of the Newton Education Association, I work closely with the school board members, and I have been continually impressed by Matt Treaster. Matt is always willing to listen to the concerns of teachers. He frequently reaches out to teachers to ask questions about district programs and issues. When the superintendent and a previous school board president discouraged board members from meeting with teachers in our "On Board" meetings, Matt alone of all the board members went out of his way to meet with the teachers. Matt listened to the teachers' concerns for over two hours AND followed up on the concerns he heard.

I trust Matt Treaster. Matt is a man who says what he means and doesn't play politics. He seeks out more information on a matter and always listens to both sides before making his decision. Matt has a proven record of working well with his colleagues and fellow board members, and with our votes, he can continue to lead the board in the right direction.

I strongly encourage all voters to vote for Matt Treaster for school board.

— Cathlina Bergman, Newton



Support for Schreiber

I confidently recommend Melissa Schreiber for the Newton Board of Education. I met Melissa when we worked at First Bank together. We got to know each other well and found that we had much in common. We have continued our friendship beyond the workplace.

Melissa has always been actively involved in her daughter's education by volunteering, supporting and communicating with teachers, and keeping abreast of policies and issues surrounding the Newton school system. She is committed to our community and seeing our students and teachers succeed.

I have always appreciated Melissa's honesty and transparency in all things, and also her ability to listen to different perspectives and truly consider them in her decision making process. She is exceptionally reliable and trustworthy. She is both kind and straightforward in the way she communicates. Her years of banking have given her a complex understanding of finances and budgeting that will benefit the BOE in future planning.

My husband, Jason, and I grew up in Newton and continue to love being a part of the community. We are always excited to see people with strong moral character step up and offer their experience, perspective, time and unique talents to help Newton continue to improve.

I am proud to support and endorse Melissa Schreiber for the Newton Board of Education.

— April Reynolds, Newton


Support for Morton

This letter is in support of Mallory Morton for USD 373 School Board. Mallory will be an asset to our school board as not only a voice for parents, but also as an informed citizen of our community. Mallory has put in countless hours attending school board meetings over the last several years, being a member of the district Community Vision Team, as well as attending many district meetings, and district sponsored round tables. She operates on facts and is willing to do what it takes to make sure she has the whole picture of an issue before making a decision. She believes in creating trust and transparency and will work tirelessly to help establish that within the board and the community. She has put in the time and effort to be an informed advocate for all our students. Mallory has also been an active participant in the education of each of her three sons, whom I have had the pleasure of teaching over the past five years. She has volunteered her time in the classroom as well as being an active member of the PTO. As a parent and a teacher, I wholeheartedly believe that Mallory not only wants what is best for USD 373, she is willing to do what it takes to make it happen. I urge you to consider voting for Mallory Morton on November 5 for USD 373 Board of Education.

— Angela Black, Newton


In support of Schreiber

It is a pleasure to endorse Melissa Schreiber for the position of School Board member in Newton, Kansas. Melissa has the best interests of students and their families as her main objective.

I have had the pleasure of working along side Melissa, as a fellow parent, on many occasions. We served as parent representatives on the PTO at South Breeze Elementary School together. Melissa served as the secretary for the PTO. She also assisted in planning and operating the Book Fair several years. Melissa is a great team player, while creating a great rapport with others. She has many great ideas and doesn't shy away from sharing them with her team. She also demonstrates fairness when listening to the thoughts and ideas of others.

I have seen Melissa advocate for her child, and others, in and out of the school setting. We have attended many meetings and school functions where she is always an active participant and positive presence.

I have also had the experience of working with Melissa in her work capacity at Midland National Bank. As a customer of the bank, my family was always welcomed and supported in every step of our banking needs. She has shown knowledge of finance, organizational skills and attention to detail in that setting.

I feel the residents, students, parents and teachers of Newton would benefit from having Melissa Schreiber serve on our board. As a long time Newton resident, she would provide an informed and sensible voice for all.


— Heidi Porter, Newton


Support for Morton

I would like to take a moment to endorse USD 373 candidate Mallory Morton for school board member. I haven’t known Mallory that long (a couple of years now) but the short time I have known her I have been extremely impressed with her integrity, intelligence and honesty. It is clear that she takes the school board position very serious in her dedication and actions. She has been heavily involved in school and community issues for many years and has the remarkable organizational skills to be good at juggling many projects at the same time. I have contacted her several times over the last few years about school and community issues; she replies back each time with amazing ideas and even asks me, as a citizen (and person), for my opinion. I would like to encourage anyone to contact her with questions you have or just to introduce yourself to her. If she hasn’t come knocking on your door yet, contact her and ask her to stop by. You can contract her through her facebook page “Mallory Morton for USD 373 Board of Education” or email at

— Regina Barker, Newton


In support of Edwards

It is very important that we vote our values, so we will be voting for Luke Edwards for USD 373 School Board in November. We have known Luke since he was in Middle School. He attended the Newton schools with two of our children. Luke spent a lot of time at our house and we have witnessed firsthand what a good person he was then and is now. As we look back, he was always a very respectful person and we are so happy that he is trying to make a difference by giving back to his community. He is currently a Captain on the Newton Fire Department. He has volunteered as a wrestling coach for kids for many years. He has also been a substitute teacher at many of the schools in the district. He was also an instructor for Hutchinson Community College. He also worked for the local Sears store as well as working for a local pest controller. Doing all of this while helping raise a wonderful family. We are confident that he will seek out new ideas, consider different perspectives and listen to his constituents to make decisions as a school board member. He is very approachable and will be very committed to this new challenge. Please join us in voting for Luke Edwards for School Board.

— Bill and Charla Charlsen, Newton


Support for Schreiber

I choose Melissa Schreiber, candidate for USD 373 board of education. Melissa and I have had opportunities to work together on Santa Fe 5/6 Center and Chisholm Middle School committees. She and her family have lived in Newton for many years; she has already proven her commitment to this community. Her integrity has shown in the public spectrum through work, church and social settings. Melissa is best suited for our school board because she is level headed, fiscally responsible, has no agenda and has the ability to look at issues from all sides. Our school board needs all of these qualities to develop guidelines and strategic vision for our schools and community. She has our school’s and community’s needs as the center focus of her decisions.

Our community needs fair-minded listeners who can work together to make difficult decisions, Melissa fulfills this requirement.

Vote for Melissa on November 5!

— Stacey Musser, Newton



Support for Schreiber

My name is Amanda Simons and I was born and raised in Newton, living there until I moved away for college. It met Melissa Schreiber when we were both at Newton High School and we became instant friends. We were roommates after college and have maintained a strong friendship for almost 30 years. It is from these many years of knowing her that I can say Meilssa Schreiber is more than professionally and personally qualified for and deserving of the position on the USD 373 School Board of Education.

Even though she was not born in Newton, it has been her home since high school and now her family’s home for almost 20 years. She is a kind-hearted person that deeply cares about doing what is right for her community and what affects it, like being involved in the education system for her daughter and all USD 373 residents. She has always made time in her busy life to be involved in her daughter’s schools, as a classroom volunteer or member of school organizations, and also participate in other civic and church organizations.

I know she will use her passion for service and professional financial background to work tirelessly and efficiently for USD 373 residents. She will listen to you, support you and your children and encourage you as parents to join in the leadership for the future educational needs of your communities.

— Amanda Simons, Wichita


Support for Edwards

I am happy to support Luke Edwards in his candidacy for USD 373 School Board.  I recently retired from the Newton School District as a paradeducator for 23 years. I know what is important for our children to be successful in their future.  Luke is all about the well being of our children and their education.

Luke displays leadership as Captain of the Newton Fire Department. He has built many relationships and is respected by many.  He is dedicated, level-headed, compassionate, honest, selfless and an inspiration to others.  I admire Luke for his dedication. He has a true understanding of needs and concerns in our schools.  He has reached out to parents, teachers and the community to get an understanding about concerns. He has vision and knows what is needed to have a more positive and trusting district.

Luke attended Newton Schools, as well as his wife Erica.  They have six children whoare or will be attending Newton Schools. He wants the best education for his children as well as all other children. He is proud to raise his children in Newton;  a parent with “Railer Pride.” 

I know that if Luke is elected, he will invest his time, energy and sincere support for each and every student of our school system.  I think Luke Edwards presents a “breath of Fresh air." His concerns are genuine and sincerely welcomed. I encourage you to VOTE Luke Edwards for Newton Board of Education on election day.

— Terri Belgard, Newton


Support for Morton

My husband and I are both Newtonians. After receiving our education we were excited to move back and make this place our home. We love this townl We have three children, two who are in Newton public schools. We want the best for our community and the school system is a vital piece to the health of our community. It is imperative to have good leaders for our schools.

I believe Mallory Morton is the best candidate on the ballot. Because Mallory has three boys in Newton schools, she has been very involved in our education system on many levels. She is highly involved at her children's schools and participates in their extracurricular activities. Mallory has attended board of education meetings for years and began streaming the meetings on Facebook Live. This gives the community easy access to important decisions that are being made about our schools.

Twice Mallory was invited to participate on the Community Vision Team, a committee which guided decisions on the last two bond proposals. Mallory was also asked to become part of the Newton public library visioning task force, which determines the needs and direction of our downtown library.

Mallory is informed on the issues that face the BOE. This comes from her attendance of the BOE meetings, her presence at Railer Roundtable discussions with the superintendent and her constant desire to dig deeper into issues that impact our schools, teachers and students. Malallory's breadth and depth of knowledge is truly impressive.

— Dr. Angela Holdeman Treasurer, Mallory Morton for School Board, Newton


Support for Morton

I am writing this letter of support for Mallory Morton for School Board . Below are some qualifications that I feel make Mallory a candidate worthy of your vote for USD 373 School Board.

● Mallory is an independent thinker. Mallory’s purpose for serving is: what is best for our school and students. She has the courage it will take to stand alone, if necessary, to ensure students are the priority.

● Mallory studies all issues, seeks input from all stakeholders and will be able to lead the School Board to implement policies and programs in the best interest of the USD 373 stakeholders.

● Mallory is a hard worker and a sound decision maker. Mallory will use these traits to make sure USD 373 students, teachers and staff are treated with the respect they deserve. Mallory will ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely.

Please join me and cast your vote for Mallory Morton for USD 373 School Board.

— Tim Marlar, Newton


Support for Schreiber

This age of partisan politics leaves one yearning for common sense answers focused on the real needs of a community. A voice that addresses the issues, answers the needs of the people and takes a stand on the tasks at hand with careful and thorough study and deliberation. Someone who will listen and act — someone that hears you and will keep the promises they make. A fresh voice that speaks to what matters, to what’s important. Campaign season is in full swing as candidates rally to garner support for the opportunity to be your voice. I see many names on the street (literally). Folks vying for the 4 open seats on your school board. One name stands out among the rest – Melissa Schreiber. I know she cares about kids and has a passion to see them succeed. I know you can count on Melissa to support a well-thought out and well-executed plan for a well-rounded education for your students – all of them! She will be a champion for families and keep what is truly important in front of your local & state government agencies, doing her best to see that Newton schools move up the ladder from the bottom 50% ranking in the state. Where students and their needs come first and every child is given every opportunity to excel and thrive. Melissa is not a professional/career politician, she is a parent who is willing to make a standing commitment to advocate for your child, your students and their future. I would whole-heartedly support Melissa Schreiber in her campaign to better Newton schools and I would ask that you do the same.

— Donna Williams, Newton


Support for Treaster

We would like to take a moment to express our support for Matt Treaster for the Newton school board. A lot can be said in regards to Matt’s professional career with the Navy or as a federal prosecutor, but our experience with Matt is a little more personal. For the past five years we have known Matt as our son’s wrestling coach. We have had the privilege of watching him coach and instruct area youth to not only be better wrestlers, but also better people. We have appreciated his consistent hard work and focus to help kids succeed against many tough challenges. Matt’s quiet and humble coaching style set him apart from other coaches and parents that tend to get very animated in a stressful situation. Matt has represented our club at the statewide level for many years. In his time as head coach for Newton Wrestling Club and Folk Style Director for USA Wrestling Kansas, his motivation has always been to do the right thing for the kids. He has always made sure every kid that wanted, had a chance to participate in a great sport. It is our hope that Matt Treaster is re-elected to the school board so that he may continue to serve the students and parents in the school district with the same values and caring that our family has experienced.

— Aaron and Stacy Beyer, Newton


Support for Schreiber

If you have not heard of Melissa Schreiber , you soon will. She is seeking a position on the USD 373 School Board of Education.

A few words about Mrs. Schreiber: she is determined to make certain every child is given attention. She has a resume that boasts of her strengths in every aspect of education. She has always had excellent ideas for the board to implement into the schools but these ideas were given from the sidelines. Through much encouragement and support from the people of Newton, she has decided to run for office.

Mrs. Schreiber will be an amazing addition to the school board. Her enthusiasm and dedication for the students and community is unmatched. Please vote for Melissa Schreiber for USD 373 School Board of Education.

— John Cummings, Wichita


Supporty for Edwards

 Candidates have many reasons to run for the Newton School Board, and they all take different paths to achieve the goal of being elected. Luke Edwards has spent a considerable amount of time and has done his 'homework' in researching the past and developing a plan to meet the needs of USD 373 moving forward. Luke will exhibit the same dedication and passion in fulfilling the duties of a Newton School Board Member as he does in his personal life, as a Husband, Father of 6 children attending Newton Schools, and in his position with the Newton Fire Department, assisting all of us in our time of need. I will vote for Luke Edwards, and respectfully ask that you vote for him also.

— Louise Bell-Nash, Newton