Supporting Edwards

In the years I've known Newton Fire/EMS Captain Luke Edwards, he has stood for leadership, integrity and dependability. When I heard he was running for school board, I knew immediately he would have my support.

Our community already depends on Luke as a civil servant to make smart decisions, whether it's caring for a sick person as a paramedic, bringing firefighters in and out of danger as a captain or carefully overseeing administrative duties. I trust him to continue to make thoughtful, well-researched decisions on the school board.

A dedicated father and coach, Luke is interested and invested in kids' lives. That a busy man would take time to serve on the school board while he has young children, speaks volumes. I'm glad that my kids can have him as a role model in our community of hard work, kindness, passion, and determination. I know he'll do a great job for our students in USD 373.

—  Jenna Quentin, Newton


Support for Edwards

We endorse Richard Stinnett for the Newton City Commission. We’ve gotten to know him working on several community projects together and are impressed with his fiscal conservatism and his leadership ability. Rich wants to make Newton a great place to live without breaking the taxpayers back.  He understands we need to invest in Newton by creating more living wage jobs, improving our schools, reducing our taxes and continuing to make public safety a priority.

We encourage for you to Vote for Richard Stinnett, City Commissioner

— Bob and Liz Pomeroy, Newton

Support for Edwards

I will share with you who I believe is the best choice to wrestle the issues that USD 373 face.

When an athlete is wrestling you get to see the character of the wrestler and their coach. Over years I have seen people conduct themselves in embarrassing ways. I have also seen coaches show great examples of how to conduct yourself.

Luke Edwards is Passionate, Honest, and Hardworking. Whether it is his son or anyone else’s child on the mat, Luke is 100 percent committed to that child doing the best that they can.  He sees little things that make big differences in a match and shares that information with his wrestler. He is honest and will stand up for what he believes in. I have witnessed him calling out his wrestler for not doing their best in a positive and motivating way. Luke is hardworking, it shows in his commitment to this community by being a public servant.

The reason I believe it is important to describe to you how Luke coaches, is because it is the way that he lives his life as well. Newton should be proud to call Luke a citizen of Newton, but we should also feel honored that he wants to do more for this community by joining the school board.  

 We as citizens have the easy part, we just have to vote him in. Let him help our school district and the kids that learn here.

When I think of Luke, I think of a phrase ... Born to Serve, Live to Protect.

—  Bobby Southern, Newton