Support for Stinnett

Rich Stinnett has our endorsement for a seat on the city commission. As we continue to get to know him better, we are convinced that he will have the best interests for the Newton Community in mind as he serves on the city commission.

Rich understands the needs of the community and the best strategies to build a community that will bring new people and jobs to Newton. He values hard work and education for all citizens of Newton. He realizes the economic assets of having community infrastructure that will contribute to the health, growth, education, and vitality of the community and its people. His experiences in government, technology, military, and business give him the leadership skills needed to promote and build our community.

Rich works well collaboratively as a problem solver. His work on the Board of Directors of the Newton Public Library has demonstrated his vision for the future of Newton. His calm demeanor and directed wisdom help any group to benefit from his involvement.

It is good to see a candidate who is positive and engaging. Rich Stinnett has shown exemplary support for Newton and its people. We feel our support for him is well placed and count it a privilege to vote for him for Newton City Commission on Nov. 5.

— Ann and Tom Adrian, Newton


In support of Stinnett

If you were hiring a city commissioner, you would want someone who had put a budget together, someone who understands financial reports and someone who had put agency plans in place. Among other attributes, wouldn't we also want someone who has worked with employees; could analyze input from staff, consultants and citizens, as well as make the best decisions for the good of the community? Richard Stinnett has this experience! As a president of a nonprofit technology company, Richard realizes revenues must eventually exceed or at least equal expenditures. The City of Newton cannot rely on dwindling cash revenues to pay for services.

Please vote for Richard Stinnett as City Commission on Nov. 5. After all, Richard proudly states: "If we watch the cents, the dollars will matter." What more could we ask?

— Craig and Cindy Simons, Newton

Support for Edwards

I have known Luke for the better portion of the last two decades. He is someone who you would want on your team to help protect and defend whatever arises. Not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk. He is an involved professional and parent who wants to see this community thrive and to see our educational system be built up and achieve success. Luke’s goals are always in alignment for what is best for this community and he will go above and beyond in order to maintain the transparency, integrity, and confidentiality needed within this Board of Education.

Luke wants to see to it that all of the children here in the district have access to the best opportunities and to reach their full potential. Being a part of the Newton Fire Department has allowed him to formulate lasting relationships with members of this community that he cares deeply about. Through these relationships, he has carved out pathways that have allowed him to be plugged into the community and give back in numerous ways.

Luke would be nothing short of an amazing asset to this community’s Board of Education and I, as well as the many others that know and trust him, stand beside him with our support.

— Sara Kelly, Newton