Responding to Spielman

To Glenn Spielman's Letter to the Editor, erasing the past regarding Lindley Hall: I realize yours was a “tongue in cheek” response. However, there are deeper issues than a building's name or appearing “woke.” If your family was affected by his practices it's a matter of deep injustice.

Not trying to correct the past or rewrite history, just providing facts that were dismissed. Do we wish to continue lionizing a bigot solely because of a sport? I've read the accounts of those denied inclusion under his tenure and they are heartbreaking. Young students without any voice or power. Sure, a different time, but, read the accounts. Many of Lindley's peers knew it was wrong even then. Talented minorities might have received college scholarships, had careers that elevated them and provided families a chance to progress. It wasn't just on the court where they were denied.

My father endured Lindley's practices. He had to see that hall all of his life. That angers me. Teaching at Santa Fe School I saw that name daily. It will continue to anger my children just as it will the children and grandchildren of most African Americans and Hispanics in this town. If it's just the name on a building to you, bless you for never having it mean anything more.

— Anthony Cuellar, Newton


Working Women of WWII

American Rosie the Riveter Association is trying to locate women who worked on the home front during WWII. Thousands of women worked to support the war effort as riveters, welders, electricians, inspectors in plants, sewing clothing and parachutes for the military, ordnance workers, rolling bandages, clerical, farming, and many other jobs such as volunteer workers collecting scrap metals and other critical materials. These women have stories of their WWII experiences that are of historical value and perhaps have never been told. American Rosie the Riveter Association would like to acknowledge these women with a certificate and have their stories placed in our archives.

American Rosie the Riveter Association is a patriotic/nonprofit organization whose purpose is to recognize and preserve the history and legacy of working women during WWII. This organization was founded in 1998 by Dr. Frances Carter, Birmingham, Ala., and now has over 6,300 members nationwide. Current elected officers from Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama all serve on a volunteer basis.

If you are a woman (or descendant of a woman) who worked during WWII, or if you are just interested in more information, please check our website or call the toll free number 1-888-557-6743 or email

— Mabel W. Myrick, Kimberly, Ala.


Progressive failure

It’s amazing how the progressive left supported by CNN and there media clones have failed to bring down President Trump. Have no doubt it's not just Trump they hate it is everyone who voted for him. We are the primary target of their wrath. It’s Middle America facing down the coastal elite.

Does crowd size mean everything? Probably not ... but it does mean something! The left quivers with envy and fear because they can’t match the size, enthusiasm or joy of a Trump rally.

No amount of deep-state shenanigans or disinformation by Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi will bring them the ill-gotten victory they lust after.

— Gregory Bontrager, Hutchinson