Leave Lindley alone

Back in the '90s we had an overcrowded situation in our schools and a shortage of gymnasiums. Some buildings needed to be renovated, and some needed to be expanded. We hired a very capable and understanding consultant who was a great listener at the many town meetings that were held to gather input from the teachers, administrators, and interested community members. At those meetings, there were many ideas and proposals that were presented. Before the upcoming bond issue was to be presented, it needed to be perfectly clear what the people wanted and the physical plants needed. Throughout the entire process, there was one common thread that ran through every plan. That was that Lindley Hall was not to be messed with except some interior upgrading. And there was absolutely never a mention of a name change. Why? Because the basketball teams that played for Coach Frank Lindley and later Coach John Ravenscroft in that building made Newton and high school basketball synonymous. Especially Coach Lindley racked up many state championships and many of his players went on to become All Americans at major universities, like K.U., and one even played on the USA Olympic Team. Lindley Hall had become hallowed ground to Newtonians. It still is to those who can remember going to those games, or lucky enough to be able to play for Newton High on that floor. I was one of both, during the Ravenscroft era. I remember the absolute deafening noise — you could not hear the person sitting next to you. Visiting teams did not want to play in Newton because Lindley Hall was intimidating. Newton has many historical stops — the Warkentine House, Athletic Park with Fischer Field, the fairgrounds, and the Mennonite Statue, Anderson's Book Store on the same corner for over 100 years — and Lindley Hall. If you change the name, you might as well tear it down. Both are terrible ideas. I say to those who are proposing the name change, the same thing the whole community said back in the '90s — don't mess with Lindley Hall.

— Gordon Stineman, Newton.


Support for Stinnett

Nancy and I have known Richard Stinnett through our church and various community events. On a personal level he is engaging, friendly, and well informed on issues.

We share his desire to see new job and business growth in Newton as well as support for existing businesses. It is imperative that we have well informed leadership to support that development.

His 13 years in the Army and now as President of BTCO has been excellent preparation for this position in city government. He understands the need for growth but knows that it must be done in a fiscally responsible way.

In Richard Stinnett we have someone who has demonstrated an ability to lead at a high level and understands the needs of our community. We encourage your vote for Richard Stinnett for City Commission.

— Charles and Nancy Craig, Newton