Midland National Bank has a mission "to be the best community bank in the markets we serve, from a customer, employee and investor perspective by achieving excellence in all that we do."

As bank president, Newton's Ron Lang plays a role in the total operations and efforts of the bank to achieve that mission.

"(We're) involved in the community in many ways; the bank's a vital part of the economy of any community, so that's part of what we do," Lang said.

Since coming to Newton in 2000, Lang has taken that dedication beyond the walls of Midland National Bank, where he has served as president for the past 13 years.

Those efforts — serving on boards around town ranging from the Harvey County Economic Development Council to Mirror Inc., including terms as president with the Newton Chamber of Commerce and Newton Medical Center (for multiple terms regarding the latter) — have not gone unnoticed and were part of what led to Lang's recent selection as the 2019 Newton Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year.

"I can remember when I was new at the chamber when he was the chamber president and I was just so impressed with him. He attended every chamber event; he was there to help set up and clean up. When he goes on a board he does what it takes to be very visible and gives back to the community. I just am amazed of all the things he does in the community and he does it well; he doesn't just do it halfway. When he's on your board, he really supports your organization," said chamber executive director Pam Stevens. "He treats everybody with respect. He's very deserving of this award."

Lang has spent time helping the Bessmer Foundation, the Central Kansas Community Foundation and more, while also being a member of the Kiwanis, which has kept him extremely involved in the community. While he noted the bank plays a large role in the economic vitality of a community, he also pointed to the key functions those service organizations and their board members play in its overall well-being.

As a board member in some of those service organizations, Lang said, he has been proud to help further the stellar reputation of the Newton Medical Center and be a part of the work to bring new businesses to the area with economic development. One in particular he was glad to be a part of bringing to town, with some overlap between organizations, was the Newton YMCA.

"For many years, (we) were working to bring a YMCA to Newton. I think that's a major benefit to our community," Lang said. "It's an excellent facility out there. I've been involved with that and currently serve on that board, too."

Being named the Citizen of the Year is a humbling experience, Lang said, especially when looking at the list of previous honorees and all they've done for the community — whether as business leaders themselves or actively involved citizens. He has been grateful to be a part of the efforts he has helped out with in the community and was quick to note that opportunities are out there for any individuals who are interested.

"Every board, every organization is looking for people who have a passion to help them; find something you have a passion with, something you have an interest with, and explore those possibilities," Lang said. "The more people we have involved in the community, the more voices that are heard, it's just going to benefit our community."