Dealing with vaping

How would you feel if fitting in required harming yourself? Well, that’s what vaping does. Vaping has toxic chemicals that affect your blood, lungs, brain and heart. Nobody knows what the long term effects of vaping are. That’s why it should be banned.

There are endless effects of vaping. Vaping spikes your adrenaline and increase your heart rate making you more likely to have a heart attack. Nicotine is a drug that can be used for positive and negative purposes. In vaping, however, it is very negative. The nicotine can stunt brain development, make concentrating difficult and give you less control over your actions and behavior.

Vaping has a big effect over student athletes. As I mentioned earlier vaping can destroy your lungs, heart and brain. Student athletes tend to depend on getting good grades and performing well to get into a good college. Since vaping makes it harder to concentrate in class, it is harder to keep your grades up. Not only can that be bad for your GPA, but bad grades will get you kicked off a team.

In conclusion, vaping should be banned because not only does it completely mess up your body but it can affect your relationships, academics and athletics. Although it would be nice to just ban vaping we cannot, since vaping is supposed to be used by adults who are trying to quit smoking. One thing we can do is change how we advertise vaping and who we advertise it to.

— Carly Craft, student, Maize High School


On Lindley Hall

I would like to take this opportunity, to voice my opinion regarding the proposed name change of the "Historic (Frank Lindley) Lindley Hall,” currently being considered by the Newton USD 373 School Board.

It has occurred to me, after reading the assessment and analysis, of Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator, that I must say, I think this is a mighty fine idea. Especially, in this age of "correcting history" and making amends for the past. Come to think of it, while we are at it, since the railroad has moved its headquarters from Newton to Kansas City, I think they should change the team name from "Railroaders” to the “Flour Mills," as we are primarily a wheat state. Then, as we are obviously looking backward instead of to the future, we should probably change the town name from “Newton” to “Old town.”

America and Newton has numerous, pressing, problems: heath care, climate change, high taxes, infrastructure, etc. The least of our problems is the need to try to erase the past by the changing of names of historic landmarks. We have a national debt of $22 trillion and millions more in city and county debt.

If Newton really wants to change the future, its civic leaders should tackle the opioid epidemic and the drug culture among teens with vaping. These are where we, as citizens of Newton and America, could make real positive change for the future. "Our Future Generations ..."

— Glenn Spielman, Newton