Bethel College enrollment is good news

I read The Newton Kansan report: "Large incoming class generates Bethel College buzz." I am very happy that Bethel College announced its biggest influx enrollment since 1988, which happens to be the same year I received my Bachelor's Degree from Wichita State University. Having the biggest enrollment uptick in 30 years is quite newsworthy, and I am happy for the students and faculty alike. I think the students will undoubtedly benefit the most since a good education is something they can "fall back on" at any point in their lives regardless of whether the National Economy surges or stagnates. 

I think that this nation will face another type of Great Recession. Although the economy is currently roaring, we also have a national debt of $22.5 trillion. I have no idea whether the recession will come before or after the 2020 elections. I try not to politicize things. But, like the old physics principle: "What goes up, must come down."

I only hope that newly enrolled students at Bethel College (and all other schools) will keep their student-debt to a minimum (or none). I am not a supporter of "forgiving" those who are delinquent on student loans.  I only support "forgiveness" of student-loans in the case of disabled veterans wounded or injured during active duty. I wish the newly enrolled students (and all the student body) at Bethel well for the upcoming year and all the years ahead.

— James Marples, Esbon


Hypocrisy in immigration

According to the Department of Homeland Security, only 13% of illegal immigrants coming in from our southern border are adjudicated by immigration judges to meet the requirements for asylum. The majority are adjudicated to be economic refugees and are not eligible to become legal refugees unless they apply for legal immigration in their own country of origin. I call the illegals on our southern border "privileged" when people seeking legal immigration must wait up to 10 years before they ever obtain legal status.

If the Democrats were serious about people seeking asylum, they would recruit and seek out people around the world who we know that 100 percent would meet our asylum requirements. This would include sectors in the world where people are abused due to their religious beliefs, gender discrimination or because of their ethnicity. The democrats should promote sending out charter flights to bring these people to our homeland knowing full well that 100 percent of these people would meet our asylum requirements.

The Democrats will never do that because of their hypocrisy in making a TV spectacle of economic refugees coming through our back door for political gain. They also want to continue to promote their lie that children are put in cages.

— Edward Myers, Newton