Living up to its name, Hesston Prestige Printing earned some renown recently — thanks in part to its new printer.

The Hesston business started utilizing the Konica Minolta AccurioWide 200 in May, becoming the first business to use such a model in Kansas, and the move has paid off so far.

"It's allowed us to take on bigger jobs. We've been approached and approached people before that were not even on the table and now we're able to take care of bigger customers," said owner Norman Critchfield.

Partnering with Konica Minolta in the company's upgrade was a "natural choice," according to Critchfield, as Hesston Prestige Printing has used Konica products for the last 12 years — nearly half of the almost 30 years Hesston Prestige Printing has been in business.

New offerings that partnership has allowed Hesston Prestige Printing to start rolling out this summer include yard signs, building signs and in-store signage up to 4 feet wide (and any length) — along with the vast number of printing services already offered for both home and business.

On top of the new printing opportunities, the new machine is helping Hesston Prestige Printing address an issue it was facing with its old printer.

"We weren't able to keep up with what we were doing at the time. This machine is much faster, has a lot better quality and throughputs a lot more material quicker," Critchfield said. "It's a lot faster. We were used to running a 4x8 sheet that would take an hour and now we run a 4-by-8 sheet and it takes 12 and a half minutes. It's allowed us to put a lot more material through. Where we sit right now, this is the most flatbed printing we've done ever."

Additionally, while being more progressive in seeking out its own jobs, the equipment upgrade has allowed the business to take on more jobs for other printers as well.

Business continues to grow for Hesston Prestige Printing and Critchfield noted the company aims to continue meeting the printing needs of its clients in the region (and beyond) through its new capabilities. For more information on the local printing business, visit or call 620-327-2337.