Voting yes

Having served as a Newton USD 373 Board of Education member for nearly 17 years, advocating for kids, I am voting YES on the current bond.

The current bond proposal was undertaken after additional research,  a new board and diverse voices.  Kids’ needs continue.  I believe this bond proposal is better than our previous attempt as it assures the continuation of  21st Century Project Based education through the lens of agriculture in facilities that reflect the quality of our pedagogy.  Addressing high school facilities and district-wide safety will positively impact the quality of learning.

I have read many opinions in our local print media and social network pages.  Rather than go on and on, I will succinctly say “Vote Yes for Kids” in USD 373 Newton in 2019.

—  Barbara Bunting, Newton


Vote yes

For the first time in 16 years I do not have children enrolled in Newton schools. My daughter graduated in 2017 and my son graduated in 2019. This fall as the upcoming school bond vote quickly approaches I could easily not care. But I do care! My husband I both graduated from Newton schools and we care! We both went to the "new" Newton High School. It was bright and shiny back then. We graduated almost 40 years ago. I can remember exactly how to get to almost every one of my classes all those years ago, because it hasn’t changed! Many rooms, ceilings, walls and floors are in disrepair. This building is old, like many of us. Back in the day I can remember the old people my parents age complaining about high taxes and high water bills. Today, people are still complaining about high taxes and high water bills. Newton, please stop! Be proud of your hometown. Don’t you want to see your town grow and prosper? How can Newton grow, and in turn lower taxes if we can’t attract new families? Do you not see how this works?

I decided to break this down for all to understand. I understand this may seem like I am oversimplifying it. But it may make it seem more sensible.

If the school bond question No. 1 passes it affects a homeowner's (who owns a $100,000 home) property taxes approximately $7.13 a month. If both Nos. 1 and 2 pass it increases a homeowner’s (who owns a $100,000 home) property taxes approximately $10.48 a month.

• 7.5 ice cream cones from McDonald's

• 4.76 gallons of gas (at $2.20 a gallon)

• 2 packs of Marlboro lights in a box

• 10.4 soft drinks from McDonald's

• 1 meal for 1 person a week eating out

• 15 pack of Natty Lights (in cans)

• 2.62 lbs of hamburger meat

Do I need to go on?

— Andrea Sanderson Jones, Newton