HESSTON — With a bit of a loaded field, the Hesston High School girls tennis team opened the season with a third-place finish Thursday in the Hesston Invitational I at the HHS courts.

McPherson, ranked fifth in Class 5A, won the tourney title with 30 points. Buhler, ranked third in Class 4A, was second at 21. Hesston, ranked second in 3-2-1A, was third at 18 points. Wichita Trinity Academy was fourth at 15, followed by Collegiate at 14, Smoky Valley at 10, Abilene at seven and Maize South at three. Collegiate is top ranked in Class 4A, but didn’t send some of its top players.

“There were some really quality teams here,” Hesston coach Travis Sebits said. “Everybody on our team had to play someplace new or with someone new besides Halle Krehbiel. We got some close matches. We won some close. We lost some close. For the first tournament of the year, I saw some really good things. We will have to work on some things. Our number two doubles team was playing their first varsity match ever. I think we’ll have a good, solid year.”

Hesston was led by Krehbiel, who won the No. 1 singles title over McPherson’s Perrin Schneider 8-3. Krehbiel edged out to a 3-2 lead and lost just one game the rest of the match.

“I was more stressed out in the beginning,” Krehbiel said. “When I started to pull away, I relaxed more. I was pretty consistent with my strokes. My serve was probably my weak point today.”

Krehbiel said she was fairly busy playing over the summer.

“I played a couple of USTA tournaments and I played team tennis, which is also USTA,” she said. “Hesston has a team.”

Krehbiel was fourth at Class 3A state in singles last year. She said she’d like to improve on that.

“We’re kind of on the verge of 3A or 4A,” she said. “Class 3A has really good singles competition. I feel like I could finish higher in 4A. I just want to keep improving. I want to play in college. I’d like to finish better than fourth. I’m thinking about Bethel, but I’m not for sure yet.”

At No. 2 singles, Alexia Boles finished sixth at 1-2.

The No. 1 doubles team of Michaela Martin and Makenzie Unruh finished fourth at 1-2.

The No. 2 doubles team of Megan Martin and Lyndle Dotzweiler finished sixth at 1-2.

Hesston plays at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Hillsboro Invitational and at 3 p.m. Sept. 5 at the Maize Invitational.

“Maize will be another tough one,” Sebits said.


Hesston Inv. I

Results Thursday

Hesston High tennis courts

Team scores — McPherson 30, Buhler 21, Hesston 18, Wichita Trinity Academy 15, Wichita Collegiate 14, Smoky Valley 10, Abilene 7, Maize South 3.

No. 1 singles

Quarterfinals — Halle Krehbiel Hes. def. Addison Russell MS 8-2, Isabella Sebits WTA def. Sonya Murphy WC 8-6, Perrin Schneider McP. def. Shiann Olberding Ab. 8-2, Aliyah Frederick Buh. def. Lena Rauchholz SV 8-2.

Semifinals — Championship: Krehbiel Hes. def. Sebits WTA 8-6, Schneider McP. def. Frederick Buh. 8-5. Consolation: Murphy WC def. Russell MS 8-0, Rauchholz SV def. Olberding Ab. 8-2.

Medal round — First: Krehbiel Hes. def. Schneider McP. 8-3. Third: Sebits WTA def. Frederick Buh. 8-2. Fifth: Murphy WC def. Rauchholz SV 8-4. Seventh: Olberding Ab. def. Russell MS 8-3.

No. 2 singles

Quarterfinals — Brittany Teufel Buh. def. Abbey Brooks Ab. 8-0, Elsa Cozine WTA def. Alexia Boles Hes. 8-3, Carley Malm McP. def. Isabella Wright SV 8-4, Maya Chon WC def. Sydney Rich MS 8-4.

Semifinals — Championship: Cozine WTA def. Teufel Buh. 8-7 (9-7), Malm McP. def. Chon WC 8-4. Consolation: Boles Hes. def. Brooks Ab. 8-3, Wright SV def. Rich MS 8-7 (9-7).

Medal round — First: Malm McP. def. Cozine WTA 8-2. Third: Teufel Buh. def. Chon WC default. Fifth: Wright SV def. Boles Hes. 8-3. Seventh: Rich MS def. Brooks Ab. 8-4.

No. 1 doubles

Quarterfinals — Bruce-Allen McP. def. Hazelwood-Bradford MS 8-0, Yenni-Elliott SV def. Do-Schmaltz WC 8-5, DeMeyer-Huttyon Buh. def. Klaassen-Davis WTA 8-3, Martin-Unruh Hes. def. Sims-Lillard Ab. 8-4.

Semifinals — Championship: Bruce-Allen McP. def. Yenni-Elliott SV 8-3, DeMeyer-Hutton Buh. def. Martin-Unruh Hes. 8-7 (9-7). Consolation: Do-Schmaltz WC def. Hazelwood-Bradford MS 8-3, Sims-Lillard Ab. def. Klaassen-Davis WTA 8-5.

Medal round — First: Bruce-Allen McP. def. DeMeyer-Hutton Buh. 8-2. Third: Yenni-Elliott SV def. Martin-Unruh Hes. 8-6. Fifth: Sims-Lillard Ab. def. Do-Schmaltz WC 8-2. Seventh: Hazelwood-Bradford MS def. Klaassen-Davis WTA 8-4.

No. 2 doubles

Quarterfinals — Carlson-Huerta McP. def. Gillispie-Cross Ab. 8-2, Dunne-Todorov WTA def. McMillian-Ahlstedt SV 8-3, Glass-Bhargava WC def. Martin-Dorzweiler Hes. 8-6, Yutzy-Birney Buh. def. Toss-Kratzer MS 8-4.

Semifinals — Championship: Carlson-Huerta McP. def. Dunn-Todorov WTA 8-0, Yutzi-Birney Buh. def. Glass-Bhargava WC 8-3. Consolation: Gillispie-Cross Ab def. McMilian-Ahlstedt SV 8-6, Martin-Dorzweiler Hes. def. Toss-Kratzer MS 8-3.

Medal round — First: Carlson-Huerta McP. def. Yutzi-Birney Buh. 8-2. Third: Glass-Bhargava WC def. Dunn-Todorov WTA 8-3. Fifth: Gillispie-Cross Ab. def. Martin-Dorzweiler Hes. 8-3. Seventh: Toss-Kratzer MS def. McMilian-Ahsltedt SV 8-3.