Green New Deal a hoax? Look at real data!

In a recent letter to the editor, someone described their experience at the Sternberg Museum at Fort Hays State University. This museum shows amazing transitions that occurred on the Earth from its beginning 4.5 billion years ago to recent geological time. As pointed out, dinosaurs roamed the Earth, including the Great Plains, during the Jurassic Period. Climatic conditions also arose that caused the extinction of these and other species.

The author concluded that humans will never have any influence on Earth’s climate. This is an extremely dangerous conclusion! Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution major changes in Earth’s temperature have occurred with the greatest changes occurring in the last 35 years. The five warmest years have occurred since 2010. This increase is caused by emission of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, and creation of methane from decomposition in landfills. NASA reports that a group of 1,300 scientific experts from countries around the world under the auspices of the United Nations, concluded there's a more than 95 percent probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.

His second conclusion is that Democrats, through the New Green Deal, are responsible for creating this hoax about climate change. Scientific measurements, whether temperature, acceleration of gravity, or wavelength of light are not affected by whether the person is Republican or Democrat. Scientists record and interpret information. Political bias has no place in dealing with the future of our planet.

— Roy Unruh, Hesston


Voting yes

I’ll be voting YES. I support the proposed bond because without it our schools, our teachers and our community will suffer from not having necessary resources, updates to outdated facilities and equipment, and security systems. I support it because I have a child growing up in this town, going to school here and I know that the current High School is falling apart and needs major improvements, and the elementary schools and middle schools need safety and security updates. Band-Aids only work for so long. I know that it will cost money and be expensive but I am invested in my daughters education and the education of all of our future leaders so I am invested in this bond passing. Please join me in Voting Yes for our kids. 

— Sara Kelly, Newton


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