Cleanup continued Monday of a train derailment near Walton that was apparently caused by high winds.

Storms hit the area early Sunday morning as wind gusts at the Newton Airport were recorded at 67 miles per hour during the overnight hours Saurday night.

About  140 cars were affected by the derailment. According to the Harvey County Sheriff's office, there were no injuries and there was no threat to the public. Traffic on U.S. 50 was slowed with the use of warning signs — and temporary closure of one lane of traffic. KDOT reduced the traffic lanes again on Monday.

Cleanup crews began work at about 5 a.m. Sunday. Monday morning at least one track of two was cleared and train traffic was beginning to resume. The Southwest Chief, a passenger train operated by Amtrak, was delayed and rerouted Sunday morning. 

Two trains derailed with cars toppling southwest of Walton while traveling an estimated 15 mph. The train was preparing to stop after being notified of severe weather in the area.

There were a number of downed trees in Walton, and at least a portion of the area was without power after the storm.